Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mutated Empires The Relic Final Stage - Actual Play High Lights

The game was fast, furious, & with an incredible amount of details.
Here's The Highlights
 Character Deaths
  Out of Ten Players Five Characters Bought It 
  1. Explosive Decompression after failure to seal a breach on space suit due to missed dex roll.
  2. Decapitation by Metaluna Mutant Superior 
  3. Death by Misadventure after caustic slime melts space suit 
  4. Magic user blasted by beholder 
  5. Destruction by antimatter in engineering 
The seven levels of the Relic 
  1. Level 1 Specimen level - The party found itself surrounded by thousands & thousands of men from Carcosa. There entire way down to the second level they found specimens from thousands of other worlds including animals, plants, etc. There was even a faux planet within the confines of the largest chamber 
  2. The Environmental level - This was a vast alien jungle created by artificial machines & unknown technologies.. Here the party found the Phosphorescent Celestial. A being of decaying armor waist deep in jungle, decaying materials, & strange slimes oozing between the cracks of his armor.  The slimes were 4 hit points each dealing 1d4 points of damage to anything that touched it. There was a tribe of blue humanoids worshiping the giant & another bunch of humaniods warring with them. The villages were ruled over by two females passing themselves off as gods. 
  3. The Cryogenics level -Here were ruptured coolant tanks & thousands of weird bio containment vessels as well more slimes, no gravity, & weirder life forms. 5 hit points each & capable of eating a man within seconds. The party opened this level up to space & one of them tore his suit open missing his dex roll. 
  4. Specimen storage & Genetics - Here were millions of miles of stored genetic samples from across the multiverse & an awakened serpent man as well as his cult numbering about 40 aliens each 4 hit dice or more. He was in the process of waking more of his kind when the party interrupted him. 
  5. Celestial Stasis Chamber - This is where the ships crew was being held within psionic stasis. The party were surprised to find a colony of Metaluna mercenaries living here along with their creepy mutant retainers. The Metalunas were siphoning off the excess energy from the Celestials to power devices, store energy, & run a colony from them.
    There were 3 rooms given over to the Metaluna mutants as breeding rooms.These  being attended  by 4 hit dice male Guardian mutants. One of the fighters attacked the mutants & was decapitated for his troubles.. The party opened fire on the Metalunas. They retreated to the next level 
  6. Psionic Engineering - There were hundreds of crystals used for energy storage & psionically powered. There were antimatter vessels here as well. One of which had a crack down its side. The two engineers of the party decided to repair this & take control of the ship on the party's behalf. They began the repairs until one of the players botched his roll with a containment vessel becoming engulfed by the antimatter just as the ship's force fields slammed home. The rest of the party left for level seven. 
  7. The Main Drives - These systems were massive & epic in scale. The multidimensional drive systems were in mostly working order but the thing that struck the party was the group of Deviant turned to stone. There were devices & treasures they had left behind. Then the party met what had done the deed. A beholder from one of the upper levels was living in this section making forays up levels to feed. He nailed their elven magic user & took him apart bit by bit. 

The party took what treasures they could, the computer data they had, & made it back to their ship minus five party members. The Celestials awakened & took control of their vessel. The departed Io & left as mysteriously as they had arrived with the 1st host!
 The party made it out with 5 million credits worth of loot. 
They will sleep for a year on their way back to their Earth.
 Five Devices of The Deviants & Their Value 
  1. Blaster Staff - 1d6 Damage 70 yard radius 5 shots 4000 credits 
  2. Psionic scanner/recorder - +2 to intelligence & wisdom rolls when figuring out technology, scanning for lifeforms, & conditions of environments. 1000 credits 
  3. Photox crystal amulet - stores 1d20 memories & experiences - Full 1 million credits for the data stored 
  4. Cosmic Siphonic Prolotizer - Energy siphon holds 15 charges. Full - 2 million credits 
  5. Claw of Decpetion - Destroys 5 cubic yards of organic & inorganic material instantly. 6 charges normally. 4 left. 6000 credits with 30% of replicating the technology 


  1. 50% party killer--not bad. Sounds like another great adventure with a great set of influences.

  2. Thanks Trey! It was a blast & I'm waiting to hear back if these guys want to make this a regular thing. I really wanted to give the Mutant Future & Labyrinth Lord rules a work out...


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