Friday, May 11, 2012

Post Apocalyptic Mars - The Ruins Of Char'realra -Actual Play

Tonight the characters are descending into the Ruins! I can't wait to spring some of the things I've written about over the last couple of days onto them. Will they descend into the Martian underworld or simply explore the whole ruin & fathom its secrets of super science & sorcery?   

Other Random Encounters In The Ruins 1d10 

  1. A pack of Wild Cadlots 3 hit points, starving hungry & very dangerous 
  2. Green warriors #1d10 4 hit points armed with radium rifles, pistols, & swords 
  3. Red Man raiding party #1d6 2nd level warriors radium pistols & flyer. Getting stock of  adamant 
  4. #1d3 Giant Spideroids 3 hit points 1d2 bite looking for prey 
  5. Green warrior slavers 1st level fighters  2 hit points swords, nets, throats looking for prey 
  6. White ape pack! #1d4 3 hit points drawn by the magics of the adamant 
  7. A pride of desert lions shading themselves 1d6 3 hit dice each. Will defend young & seek prey 
  8. Tunnel mutants # 1d6 4 hit points each, claws 1d3 points of damage save versus poison or fall asleep for 1d4 rounds 
  9. Fallen Thark Chieftain injured & about to be eaten by #1d4 cadlots 3 hit points will you save him? Why is he here? 
  10. #1d4 Flyers 3rd level red warriors from Helium looking for The Great Warlord! Armed to the teeth 

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