Saturday, May 5, 2012

Return To Gigerland - This Time Its War An Encounter For High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure

The Inversion Pentacle teleported the adventurers into middle of the muck encrusted field of the strange landscape. The fighter had time to ask, "Why are we here?" Just as the dirt & soil around his feet began to seethe & crawl with life!
 All information about this place can be found right Here

Random Encounters Gigerland 1d10 

  1. Biomechanical Lost God babbles to itself the forbidden secrets of ancient spells, prophecies, & rumors of things from beyond nightmare. Saving throw required to not be driven made by these strange  & twisted insights into insane vistas of reality 
  2. A field of former people trapped within bio resin & black basalt. There is a 30% of a chest burster exploding from within them! 
  3. Churning soil full of planar mechanic worms erupts around your characters feet! The whole world becomes a battle ground around you. 1 hit point each these monsters will borrow beneath your skin if able! 
  4. Pyramids & ruins full of xenomorph eggs are watched over by giant biomechanical horrors. Each is 5 hit points & guards its cargo with gusto! 
  5. Bio mechanical Grazers -3 hit points each absorbs the flesh & bones of anyone who gets close to them as it feeds off of the atmosphere of the plane 
  6. An abandon atmosphere processing plant still has lights & electricity. It beckons to travelers 
  7. 1d4 Bio Sirens draw prey unto themselves by means of their haunting songs & charm spells. 6 hit points each. Bio acidic attack 1d3 damage 20 yard radius 
  8. Wandering droids - These bio mechanical horrors wander the landscape absorbing knowledge & memory. Hate humanity with a burning passion. 
  9. A Forrest  of  bio mechanical trees & weird tubing. 4 hit points each, nanite poison filled vines & trees. Each doing 1d4 points of damage. Save vs poison or turn into a tree 
  10. A downed space craft - very alien 
Relics & Treasures of The Biomechanical Night Mare Realm! 

  1. Bio mechanical Bible - Contains the following spells  - Cause serious wounds, Create Bio Infection, Blessings of the Mother, & Summon Greater Xeno horror. Chaotic 500 gold pieces 
  2. Bio mechanical Waffer Thin Screen - 600 gold pieces & capable of infecting its victim with nanite sickness 
  3. Staff of The Bio mechanical Horror - 700 gold pieces - This staff acts as +3 staff & can teach 1-2 levels of magic user spells .40% of causing insanity as the symbol 
  4. Monocular acid in cut crystal barrel - 500 gold pieces - 1d3 points of damage per round 
  5. Head of A Bio God - This distorted head will babble all sorts of weird, horrible information. 30% chance of it saying something insane about the person holding it in public 
  6. A strange spiral bio treasure box containing an unknown treasure 
  7. A bloody holo projector containing information about leaving or gating into this plane. 500 gold pieces 
  8. Remains of an android burned & crispy. There is a 50% of his memory being attached to a redundant memory point 
  9. A Xenomorph skull mounted on a brass plate. The skull is still alive & will try to kill anyone within 5  feet of it. 600 gold pieces to the right buyer

    Giorgio Comolo is an Italian advertising illustrator. On the side, he draws superheroes and tributes to his favorite artists. He works in several styles, but the images above are all H.R. Giger tributes.

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