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Meanwhile On Carcosa - The Temple Of The Space Gods

Urban Exploration | Soviet Propaganda Centre, Russian Monument, Varna, Bulgaria
The Temple Of The Space Gods

The temple sits long abandon on the hill side deserted & mournful. Strange auroras circle run its tips & long abandon songs of alien origin fill its halls.
The place is haunted by the ghosts of travelers a million years dead & the lower levels are given over mutants, mad men, & worse.
The cold green flames still dance in the brazier in the center of the place & will flare yellow jale when they shall return & then shall the Old Ones know fear again!

I'm basing this temple upon a Bulgaria Propaganda Monument is "  Construction of the Russian Monument commenced in late 1974, and 27,000 volunteer workers toiled for four years to create both the imposing structure and the 400 square-metre platform on which it stands. More than 10,000 tonnes of concrete, and 1000 tonnes of armature iron were used to create the monument, which measures 23 metres tall and 48 wide. A great bronze cube was constructed in front of the monument, burning with an eternal flame until the fall of communism in 1989. The 15 metre wide “Staircase of Victors” includes a total of 305 steps up to the monument itself, and in the surrounding park more than 20,000 decorative trees were planted to represent fallen Soviet soldiers. A total of 180 floodlights were originally positioned to illuminate the monument at night, so that it would be visible even by ships far out in the Black Sea. Meanwhile, a public address system set up in the park played Symphony № 7 by the iconic Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich, on constant repeat. " Urban Exploration | Soviet Propaganda Centre, Russian Monument, Varna, Bulgaria
You can find everything you want to know about this incredible place right Here
 There are these temples all across the universe in my Mutated Empires campaign. Each housing an eternal flame of the Space Gods.
There are also further out posts in the Arctic regions of many planets that house these places
Bulgaria's abandoned Socialist monument is secretly on the ice planet Hoth

I would imagine that the spawn of the Ones would hunt anyone seeking these places out! You can find out more right Here
Bulgaria's abandoned Socialist monument is secretly on the ice planet Hoth
 Details from the Io9 article include the following :
Designed by architect Guéorguy Stoilov, more than 6000 workers were involved in its 7 year construction including 20 leading Bulgarian artists who worked for 18 months on the interior decoration. A small, compulsory donation from every citizen in the country formed a large portion of the funds required to build this impressive structure that was finally unveiled in 1981 on what was the 1300th anniversary of the foundation of the Bulgarian state.

The Temple Of The Space Gods Random Encounters 1d10 
Urban Exploration | Soviet Propaganda Centre, Russian Monument, Varna, Bulgaria

  1. A group of murmuring monks intoning their praises to the space gods.. They are only time phantoms echos of a distant past 
  2. A pair of second level warriors blue & black dueling to the death. The space gods as their witnesses 
  3. A robotic guardian carrying out its last orders faulty & attacking anything that comes its way. 4 hit points, AC7, claws & heat beam 1d3, 1d4 
  4. A ghost lost to the void howling praises to the space gods & crying randomly 
  5. A group of 1d10 Greys 3 hit points, AC8, armed with blasters 1d3 40 yard radius 
  6. A group of student lost who were just teleported here. Predators are already closing in 
  7. A unique spawn 5 hit points AC 7 1d8 acidic tendrils A cross between a gorilla & a snail multiple heads cursing the space gods 
  8. A space hero 4th level come to worship & recruit adventurers for his cause 
  9. A cleric on a pilgrimage ( a necromancer in disguise) looking for a book of spells 
  10. A spawn of the Old Ones hunting adventurers. 6 hit points, AC6 (invisible), 1d4 claws..
These temples could be found anywhere literally where the hand of the Space Gods has touched! 

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