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The Tanar Class Salvage Star Ship - An Upgrade Of The Icarus Design - For High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure

Your most exalted excellence as per your request we have acquired the upgrade space craft from the purchasing agent. She is a most intriguing craft sire. Her lines & handling are more inline with your tastes sire. These craft have been in operation for thousands of years & we have investigated at least three different dealers of these craft.
 As we have said else where these crafts may have originated upon Old Earth before the Atomic Wars sire. This model "The Tanar" holds between 3-9 crew members & given this design's record of service it is most impressive.
 The craft uses the same Contra gravitic generators as the Icarus design but these are built with a much more industrial application in mind. Their is some alpha particle & radiation venting for more long voyages but for your applications sire the craft are quite robust. These craft are quite sturdy & amazingly quick for a salvage vessel.
 Our own Contra gravitic systems may benefit from an upgrade of the sort we've seen in these craft. There are literally thousands of variations of these craft within the galactic community sire. In closing are my notes on those upgrades to our own craft 
Details about the Icarus can be found Right here!
See your Icarus & Tanar agent today!
The Tanar class ships use the latest in A.I. technologies allowing the vessel to be crewed by one within an emergency situation sire. The primary computer core is shut down & the systems return to the pilot's station 

The craft have 5  or more decks allowing the storage of salvage without disturbing the crew's life at all. 

There are at at least 23 different varieties of the Tanar class that have been produced. This one has the usual lines for the class but has the addition of Vishnu Contra gravitic pods pushing the craft into the Zeta spectrum of operation! This gives 50% more power to the system. 

The crew has a total of 8 sleeper pods on board as standard & additional room for a total of 12 enabling round the clock handling of duties. 

Advantages of The Tanar Class Break Down 
  • Larger Contra Gravitic pods enabling faster response & handling time. 
  • Better Drive systems & more power for those bigger jobs 
  • 5 different beam/emitter systems giving a wider variety of job opportunities 
  • Optional extra reactor unit for more systems check dealer for details 
  • Matter/Transporter/ Teleporter systems -Industrial grade up to 2 1/2 tonnes of matter instantly at your finger tips 
  • Little Junior science lab with stasis field for those rare specimens 
  • There are 5 decks on the Tanar for all of your needs with room for expansion. 

Type: Tanar  Class Salvage Ship 
Crew :3-5 
Hit Points: 90 
Armor Class :6 unless optional force field installed 

Weaponry : Primary Zeta Cannons Light setting 1d4 
Medium 1d6 
Heavy 1d10 Laser cutters 1d4 
Proton slicers under craft 1d3 
Atomic emitters/beamers 1d8 
Range :1 light year complete 360 degree rotation around craft 
Reactor: Neutronic Beureullum Core Sphere II +3 to all engineering rolls 
Minor Drives : Anti gravitic Repulsion Systems +1 to all maneuvering & piloting rolls 
Major Drive Systems : Space Time Gate Generators +4 to Hyper Space 
+2 to for accessing Space & Star Gates 
Interrocitor Mark IV 
Stellar Scope V 
Psi Enhancement crystal rig enabling +2 to all navigation rolls but the navigator may not take any other actions 

2nd level Bio genesis lab 
Second level science stations same as the Icarus 
Additional levels may be customized according to the client's wishes 


Notes about the Tanar 
  1. The Tanar is perfect for a larger group of players & I'm using this saucer for my Mutated Empires game with 9 people 
  2. No one is completely sure where the design of the Icarus & Tanar models originated. They've been found throughout the universe on countless worlds.. Dm plot hook! 
  3. There is a Red code  warning - There is a 1d4 radiation damage check that needs to be made to those standing within a 80 yard radius when the Tanar makes a landing. The owners of this blog are not responsible for any injuries sustained when using the time gate drive within your star system. Alien abductions, strange time related manifestations, etc these are all products of your imagination 


  1. Ok, I have to ask. What is "Mutated Empires"? Some mix of Humanspace and Mutant Future?

    And what is an "Interrocitor" and a "Stellar Scope"? What do they do?

  2. To answer your first question read this blog entry here
    Then this one -
    And finally
    As for the Interocitor & The Stellar Scope, I'm so glad you asked! See one of today's blog entries for them!! Thanks for the comment & stay tuned because I've got the next part of The Mutated Empires coming up tomorrow!


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