Monday, May 14, 2012

H'zsandh - Phasic RNA Dagger - The Assassin's Choose

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H'zsandh - Phasic RNA Dagger
This is not merely a piece of etched glass but rather a piece of artistry of the high planar sciences. Within the molecular walls of this glass are the realigned planar energies of the deepest depths of the Outer Darkness held within the atoms of glass itself.
 One single cut of this weapon is enough to poison & damage the atomic structure of the victim. The 
H'zsandh - Phasic RNA Dagger have been used for centuries to deal death to its victims but it comes with a price to both target & murderer.
The target will take 1d4 points of damage upon a successful attack & there after 1d3 points every round their after unless a save versus death is made successfully. Should they survive this attack they're intelligence & wisdom will begin to slowly drain away at one point every 6 rounds there after as the Outer Darkness consumes their memories & souls. The victim experiences their own lives as a series of slowly ticking away visions of their pasts. Their greatest triumphs & tragedies all in small minor increments of deadly memories.
The murderer himself loses 1d4 points of wisdom & intelligence after the attack as the energies course through him with an alarming rate. Should he make his saving throw versus poison he will only take half damage but his genetic structure is ravaged by the Outer Darkness 

He will have memories & flashbacks of his attack upon the victim & be visited by memories & visions belong to his victims themselves.
The Super Science Rite of H'zsandh - Phasic RNA Dagger 

Only an alchemist priest of the 3rd level or a scientist of the 4th level may have the equipment to create one of these weapons. It will require 1d6 weeks & 2000 credits to gather the super science equipment necessary.
The person creating these instruments must spend 1d6+1 days without food or water creating the dagger & concentrate their very thoughts & essence towards its creation. Upon the seventh day the glass & energies will align. The name of the target will appear within the glass itself & now the assassin must be called upon.
They will be blessed, telepathically made ready to receive the weapon which will take 1d4 rounds.
 All is ready & prepared! The target's death is assured! 
There are 12 cults within Human Space that sell the services of their charges for these types of missions. They employ scientist & alchemist priests of the darkest turns. 

The Lesser Known Rites
There is another much more peaceful use for these weapons but equally as violent but in a spiritual way. The dagger is created but left empty of the energies of the Outer Darkness. This is a level 3 rite of super science & alchemy.
The alchemist priest may use the dagger to trap a planar demon within its confines to be used at their own opportunity  another target. These rites are always taught to the acolytes of the various temples rather then rites of the assassin.. The demon will resist with a 40% of escaping its fate & will seek revenge at another opportunity.
Should the monster be drawn into the molecular prison of the dagger however its true name will appear upon the blade. It will however kill anyone with the knowledge of its name & nature. Those with telepathic abilities may commune with the demon at any time to gain advice or knowledge. These are demons however of the most vile nature & they may try to possess the victim with a 30% of doing to to escape its prison. 

It should be remembered that the dagger is a dagger of the mind & cuts both ways 
The Lesser Scroll Of  Those Who Watch The Outer Darkness
May their vigil never stop 

H'zsandh - Phasic RNA Dagger  In Other Settings 

It is said that these weapons remember their targets through the centuries. They have been seen on a myriad of worlds. The rites for these weapons were first discovered upon Earth before the atomic fires fell from the sky.
They have been used on human & mutant ancestor alike through the centuries. The rite was first discovered in Nepal upon the forbidden Wheel of Khai brought back to the West & was thought to have been been created by the Elder Things (may their names be cursed in the Darkness)
The rite is still known upon Carcosa where it is said to be used against rival sorcerers & wizards of the most vile nature. 
These rites have been used on the counter Earths as well where wizards keep humans as nothing more then slaves & animals. The rite is used to declare war upon other wizards as a human slave plunges the dagger home into the blackened soul of another! 
The rite is also used within the space ways as a way of having one house declare its independence from another.
It has also been used to release a planar demon upon the bridge of a warship during the Trials & Battles of Gehri.
The rite is also still practiced to trap demons & rip them from the bodies of the innocent. 

May the blessed Autocrat protect us all. May his comings & his goings allow us to flourish among the stars. 
Your servant De'vero Priest Alchemist Of Servri Five 3rd Order 


  1. I love the conception behind this. Of all the Carcosa riffs going on in the blogosphere, yours is the most imaginative. Great stuff, Eric!

  2. Thanks Trey that's pretty damn humbling. There's more coming up! I just quietly cranking these out. Thanks for the comment


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