Monday, May 21, 2012

Mutated Empires - Highlights & Actual Play

“The basis of all true cosmic horror is violation of the order of nature, and the profoundest violations are always the least concrete and describable.” 
― H.P. LovecraftSelected Letters III: 1929-1931

Here of some of the highlights from last night's game with the players for Mutated Empires. 

  1. The Brotherhood of the First Eternal are backing Captain Bordon & supplying the Icarus its fuel & supplies. They know far, far more then their telling. 
  2. The party had a running ray gun battle with the Brethren of The Starry Wisdom. Several cultist were killed & the party almost lost its navigator/thief of Deep One ancestry. 
  3. The wastelands outside of the city are the remains of the New York harbor of this world & the Starry Wisdom has a compound out there. The sea wall past that point teems with dangerous mutated sea life & there are Deep Ones there as well. 
  4. There are far more dangerous pieces of technology & energy weapons that the enemies of the party has too but where are they coming from? Could these be of Carcosian origin. 
  5. Countries exist in the world that don't in the real world & don't appear in either Marvel Comics or Lovecraft. The League of Industrialized Nations controls space but there are other entities controlling them. 
  6. There are any number of reskinned D&D races  in this game. Knowledge of Lovecraft, Howard, Marvel Comics could get you killed. 
  7. The party had a very brief run in with an group of  strange mutates they thought might have been orcs, hobgoblins, trolls,etc. until they attacked with mind blasts! They're wizard saved their bacon that time just before launch. 
  8. There is something very unsavory going on behind the city walls that will have to be investigated once the party gets back to Earth. They came across a brothel with some very nasty clients just before they left Earth. 
  9. They spotted something with a very unusual radiation trail leaving Peru at a very high rate of speed just as they were exiting the Lunar orbit. It was man shaped 
  10. The Temple Of The Space Gods is alive & well on planet Earth. The party thinks they have agenda
    Notes about Last Night's Game 

  1. I ended up with 9 players because everyone showed up! The character generation took about 1 hour because of all of the options using Labyth Lord, Mutant Future, Crawling Chaos, Carcosa, Terminal Space, & some Holmes 
  2. The game went on to 2 am & was very pulpy 
  3. There are Deviants involved & Eternals but mostly behind the scenes. 
  4. There are ruins on IO of a mining operation from several centuries ago extending down into the depths of the planet! 
  5. The party spent a year in hyper sleep on their way to IO 
  6. What about the Eternals of Titan? Well wait & see! 


  1. Kirby meets Lovecraft by way of Howard with some Marvel thrown in? Lester Dent would almost certainly tip his hat to you. You re-define gonzo and take it far, far beyond the ancient Hargravian high water mark of our gamer fore-fathers--and you do it with style. Wow. How many player's heads exploded just from the basic description of the set-up? Just making characters for this setting could be an adventure in itself. Which is a good thing.

  2. First thanks very,very much, Garrison Jones! They're head's didn't quite as explode as much as you might think. I had prepared a "Bible" for the campaign as a hand out. We had the entire appendix "N" there with us to give the players as many options as they could handle.
    The whole thing took about an hour from start to finish using Labryth Lord, Mutant Future, Crypts & Things,Swords & Wizardry & some more of the OSR stuff that I could manage to fit into it.
    What they don't know is that some of your creations & some of my variations will be visiting them soon! There's any number
    of Mythos Space foes that will aiming stuff at them soon. I still have more stuff from this game to add here but I'm also busy with work as well. So more stuff coming up soon! Thanks for making this one of my more successful chooses so far! We can't do this without your help!

  3. Wow! Sounds like a total blast!
    Would love to see some of the characters posted.

  4. Thanks Bill! I'm going to see if I can convert my regular bunch of players over to this as soon as we wrap up the Mars game. I'll see if I can get some copies of the now deceased members of the party as well as the living ones from the Mutated Empires game. So I'm waiting for a call back from the 9 players from Larry's game! We'll see if this one shot turns into a regular game.

  5. This us EXACTLY the kind of campaign I would love to play in!!! Have you thought about including some Algol men also?

  6. Everything is on the table in this one. I'm developing a more detailed background as this campaign develops in response to the players needs really.
    I've got plans & they involve a weirdly designed 50s style game actually. So this is going to get more filled in as needed. Algol's men & classes are on the grinding block as it were. Personally I wish Blair would get back to Algol ASAP. I'd love a finished book in my hands.

  7. Sounds cool. I agree about sooo wanting an Algol book in hand!!!!!


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