Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 Random Cosmic Space Debris From Interstellar Battles & Cosmic Calamities

Random Cosmic Space Debris From Interstellar Battles & Cosmic Calamities 
  1. 1d6 Green glowing asteroids each 1d4 tons. Very radioactive & cancer causing exposure will result in burns unless a successful save vs poison is made.
  2. 1d4 piece of silver flesh like material. 1d3 hit points each capable of 1d4 points of damage to exposed flesh. 
  3. 1d4 pieces of cosmic flesh eating macrobes 3 hit points each 1d3 points of corrosive damage capable of absorbing any humanoid organic life that gets eaten by it. Double hit points for each victim absorbed 
  4. Radioactive debris including solar panels, cockpit, & the remains of a pilot dressed in a black astro flight suit 
  5. Giant Purple gloved hand 4 stories high spinning through space. Some residue cosmic energy 
  6. 40 foot sheets of solar panels from a giant battle station. Some radioactivity & strong photon energy signature 
  7. 1d4 Giant asteroids with ruined temples,cities, etc. stretching across the surface. 50% of undead along with artifacts. The place carries an aura of violence & sadness with it 
  8. A giant golden ruined space station tumbles through space with 1d8 planar parasites on board. 
  9. A giant radioactive cloud with vast mutagentic properties enters the solar system. All organic life must make a mutations check in 1d4 rounds 
  10. A strange purple green cosmic radiation rolls through changing everything exposed to its harsh cosmic force. Roll save vs poison or gain 1d4 random mutations 

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