Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gg'gothatthac Planar Knife & Its Legacy Of Madness

Gg'gothatthac Planar Knife 

A knife made from the dorsal spine of the Ihactsarlis species also known as a Tongue Ripper. The spine is polished telkinietically to a devilish psychic sheen by the blind monks of No'rerhand. The knife is then given the rite of the 12 words of the forbidden & foul. The knife is ready to be bound to its user in a ceremony of the 3rd equinox. A client is chosen from a list of more then 666 & then lots are drawn. 
The winner is notified telepathically & given the Binding Rite which takes more then seven hours. The knife & the user are now one. The knife may be used as a weapon doing 1d4 points of damage to invisible or intangible creatures. More over then not the knife is bonded to a wizard who may use the knife to curse the shadow of anyone whose blood touches the blade. The knife may also be used to cut the cord of an astral traveler after the owner enters a trance using the dreaded swamp Lotus. The user burns the lotus while his body guards watch over his tranced body for 12 hours. The user has a 60% of cutting the victims cord after the blade has tasted the victims blood 12 hours before.
 Should a 
Ihactsarlis ever encounter an owner of one of these blades they will stop at nothing to destroy both owner & blade. Since the creatures are only partially within this universe they may track a victim over 3 light years. They will stop at nothing to murder the fool who is bound to this genocidal weapon. Ihactsarlis  have 5 hit points, attack with claws that do 1d6 points of damage to anything within the local space time continuum. Anything that is astral or upon an alternative plane of existence will take 1/2 damage from their attacks unless save versus death is successful..
Gg'gothatthac is known to be used in over 22 different unholy rites & adds +2 to all such endeavors through the favor of the many unholy ones who look with favor upon the owner.. 

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