Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Jeddak Class Single Wing, A Rotating Disk-Shaped Craft For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Game

Class: Jeddak Single Wing Exploration Class Craft 
Engine: Atom-FTR,  80 mph 
Power/Fuel Source: Atomic Engine (300 year lifespan)
Body Style: 
 Single wing, a rotating disk-shaped wing plus gondola to hold crew  
Handling: Standard, Dex +0 
Frame: Heavy Duty, 200 HP
Structure: Heavy Duty, 3 AC
Modification Allotment: 4 Hardpoints

Air Class: D - Exploration Class & Transport 
C -Clipper Class *
B -  Fighter & Assault Class*

Summery: This hybriad of High Martian & Ancient technology uses a Barsoomian 8th ray filled rotating wing. These wonderful ships were used in a wide variety of roles across the face of Mars from exploration to transportation. These craft saw extensive use during the Colonial period of human expansion across the face of the planet. 
With the limited nuclear exchange there are 7 left in known operation. The original design came from Ancient Earth & the genius of Guido Fallei. The unique design allows the craft to hover, bank, & roam the skies with impunity. It is protected by 4 hard points that allow it to defend itself & its valiant crew
Behold the Starship Enterprise of 1930

According to the words of its ancient designer :
The craft has a single wing, a rotating disk-shaped affair filled with gas or hot air. It is turned by a gasoline engine as is the propeller, while quarters for the crew are arranged on either side. The body has retractable wheels so that the ship can be landed on ground or on water [...] In descents, the rotating wing is intended to act as a parachute.

These craft have seen extensive use on many worlds including some speculation that these craft have been adapted to Spell Jamming, alternative worlds, & have seen a resurgence in popularity on Old Earth itself! A classic is returning to the fore! 

Note that this craft is based on an article that appeared on Io9: Right Here & originally in the September 1930 issue of Popular Mechanics  These craft are perfect for worlds like Carcosa, the Mutant Future, or any Moorcockian world where you need a weird craft for the heroes to encounter or use! These will be appearing in my Post Apocalyptic Mars campaign soon 
* Please note the reduction in crew & adjustment for weapons for other classes 


  1. "The New Jeddak..The Emperor of Luxury!" :)

  2. Very cool. There's a ton of RPG-gold in those old Popular Mechanics magazines and you're doing a great job mining it!

  3. Trey - Now with Helium Leather! ;-) Thanks for the great comment & I idea!

    Garrison -Thanks for the great comment! I've not yet begun to raid there's more to come!


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