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The Lizard Men of Subterranea For Crypts & Things

Lizard Men (Deviants)

From The Wiki on Subterrnea: 

The Lizard Men of Subterranea are a race of humanoid lizards created as slaves to the Deviants. When the Deviants abandoned Subterranea, the Lizard Men of Subterranea grew into an underground society.
The Lizard Men of Subterranea traveled through a system of Earth's cage where one of their numbers became lost in the Himalaya Mountains. They sent a scout with a fur covering out to look for that operative where the Lizard Man in question was mistaken for a Yeti. The scout ended up coming across Victor Cartwright who was faking a documentary of a Yeti when he and his assistant Fred Cooper couldn't find the actual one. The scout took Victor underground with Fred in pursuit. When the Lizard Men planned to kill Victor in order to keep their society a secret, Fred came to Victor's rescue
Type: Reptilian Mutate Deviant Origin 
Hit Points: 3 
Attacks : Wicked Short Scimitar (1d8)

The Lizard men use left behind  Deviant technology such as blasters 1d4 with a 70 yard radius & 7 shots each.
The Blood hound missiles 1d6 points of damage plus ensnarement 
Saving Throw :16 
Special: Chameleon hiding ability for Scouts, Also climb sheer surfaces
For every 1d8 Lizardmen there will be 3rd level fighter as leader. For every 1d10 lizard men there is a 60% chance of a sorcerer of 4th level or higher. These leaders will tower over their lessers. Being 8 foot or larger. They have 1 or 2 more hit points each.
The lizard men are said to live for 1,000 year each & parties encountered will have 1d6 artifacts of Deviant technology.
 For more information on the lizard men can be found :
 Information on Subterranea Right

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  1. There's always room for more lizard men! If I was the guy in that last picture, I don't think I'd relax quite yet.

  2. I don't think he makes it out of the Lizard men's clutches. I haven't read this comic but there's a certain gleam in their eyes isn't there. There's more Deviant action to come! Thanks man! Hoping your having a fantastic holiday!


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