Saturday, May 12, 2012

Terror In The Wasteland -Post Apocalyptic Mars -Actual Play

Note: I had to move my game to Friday & due to work, commitments, etc. Two of my players didn't show. That didn't stop the rest of the players however. 
 The remainder were driving through the wasteland of Mars & nearly smacked into any number of tripods! The hover truck continued North & the first thing that happened is that the players almost ran smack into a group of  red warrior slavers 2nd level fighters looking for prey. They pursued them for 3 miles before a tripod made short work of them. 
The party however hid from the tripod as it gathered up the remainder of the red warriors 
Their flyer was destroyed in a burst of heat rays & blinding 8th rays exploding !

50 miles later another encounter came up as the party reached the edge of the perimeter of the ruins.
Around them nothing but miles & miles of desert or so they thought

 A party of green men raiders was waiting for prey & opened up on the party with radium rifles

The party's hover truck was pinned down by gun fire & exploding radium bullets. It took the players the better part of 2 hours real time to deal with these green warriors! 3rd level fighters they were armed with the traditional Martian weapons!
The party got into hand to hand with them & conditions around them seemed to get worse as the night wore on! 
Then a sand storm blew up & that's where we ended just as they dived into a cave!

Will they secure the hover truck, kill the Green Martians, What's happened to the missing party members, & why are the tripods numbers increasing? 
Tune In Next Week! 
Same Martian Channel! 

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