Friday, April 14, 2017

The 'pay what you want' PC Class PC11 - The OSR Warlock From Jeremy Reaban For Your Old School Campaigns

I'm always looking for that edge when it comes to setting up another weird pulpy PC class that will fit into my OSR campaigns.The OSR Warlock  By Jeremy Reaban is the demonic summoning SOB villain class that  I as a DM need and want to inflict on my players. Clocking in at twelve pages of demonic or Lovecraftian entity fun machine, this class packs everything you need to inject a little bit of Hell into your old school games regardless of edition or flavor of OSR system. For me it was the classic aspects interpretation that while sticking closely with the Fifth edition class have its own spin by the author.

The Virgil Finlay artwork sealed the pact for me and because this class sucks in editions such as first, second, Advanced  Dungeons & Dragons as well as retroclones such as OSRIC & Labyrinth Lord. All of the diabolical action is covered across the board. This PC class has several new patrons to it , and a handful of new invocations that make sense to the DM whose looking for that extra bit of brimstone & weirdness to their game.
What can be done with this class? A better question is what can't it do? For an oriental or South Asian style of pulp setting the warlock fits seamlessly into the background. For a swords & Sorcery campaign this is a foe that the PC will loath. Many aspects of this class can and do emulate the sci fi classes of science fantasy, science fiction, and pulp adventure.These are the black magicians or occultists who delve into things best left beyond the gates of space and time.
Aspects of this class reminded me of the various books by Michael Moorcock and some of its non canon sources such as the Stormbringer rpg. This class is one that brings to the table horror, danger, and bargains of a vile nature. As a DM I'm going to use this class to generate vile villains or occult warlock fools who have plumped the depths of other dimensions for patrons who are willing to take things in a PC's lives to the next level.
All in all I can actually see working with this class to create memorable NPC's, something different for players to play and for use with many of  various weird fantasy settings that are out on the market today. Do I think its well done? Yes I do and I can see this class having actual uses at the table.


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