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1d6 Random Legendary Lovecraftian Hoards Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis & the crimson shod swords of barbarian hordes cross the wastelands there were numerous treasures lost to the sands & waters of time.Some of these riches contained potent artifacts & relics in their own rights. Men & women of plunder often saw opportunity for wealth and power in these treasures or perhaps it was the darker hands of fate moving another piece of history across it bloody board of time? 

Many of these hoards of treasure have taken on a life of legend, surrounded by mystery, &  steeped in the blood of countless adventurers. These hoards contain one or more artifacts directly connected with a Great Old One or Outer God because they often have direct connections to the bloody sacrificial stones & alters of times long past. There will often be 1d8 middle tier undead priests or guardians of such treasures attracted by the aura of cosmic weirdness & death of these treasures. There will be also 1d6 ghosts or other spirits nearby these things. Perhaps victims of murder or greed chained by the unholy aura of such forbidden relics.
There may be 1d10 artifacts or minor treasures in these hoards that are not made of any Earthly metal or have an alien jewel or two. There is 10% chance of these things have strange & dangerous radiations to humans. PC's should save vs poison or radiation if they are exposed to such things. Check mutation tables if such an occurrence should happen picking the worst result because of the wrath of the Old Ones in such cases.

1d6 Random Legendary
Lovecraftian Hoards Table

  1. Chum'ar's Treasure - This horde belonged to the Deep One city of Chum'ar it was taken before the fall of Atlantis by a legendary immortal of that fabled land. The deep ones had their revenge when they bound the immortal in burning demonic chains for ever more. He or she's name has been lost to history but the horde of gold like relics includes the silver covered head of a Deep One sorcerer who acts as the guardian of this treasure worth close to 400,000 gold pieces. The Outer Gods took the thing as a sacrifice & it has passed from one set of cursed hands to another ever since. 
  2. The Ark of Qiuro - His name is legendary as is his reputation as an adventurer, he was the swordsmen extraordinary whose reign of blood and terror cut a swath across the deep red seas of Lemuria. This was when he heard about the ark. The ark was a means of harnessing the power of Azathoth but it was the silver, alien gold coils, & weird jewels of the mechanism that attracted  Qiuro's attention. He found the ark and killed the half human serpent men who created the thing but then became the guardian of the mechanism. It is worth 600,000 gold pieces & has been lost to the whims of the blind & idiotic god thing across space & time. 
  3. The Seven Rings of the Angled Ones - These two foot diameter rings of silver like metal are legendary artifacts of the serpent men but actually are part of the horde of Tus. The horde consists of 200 pounds of gold and jewels used as a sacrifice to the Angled Ones strange Outer Gods of incredible malice and insanity. When Mu feel the Seven Rings disappeared. to history. They're power to create gateways to other worlds lost to history. A lich of the serpent men is said to guard these objects of power. 
  4. The Dead Man's Watch - A horde of gold and silver created from the molten remains of a god thing whose elemental form dissolved the gold repository of Atlantis during its sinking; this priceless solid mound of gold like metal is the tomb of a god thing. He watches the past and future but grants visions and 1d6 black magic spells to those who seek it. The thing's visions can also drive men made with forbidden vistas. His watch will continue to dooms day without end but his location has been lost to the waters of time. 
  5. The Great Race's Six Shards of Srusus - These pure diamond shards each of which is flawless & over 3 feet long grants visions of the planes beyond the Outer Darkness. They are worth 300,000 each because of the pitting & cracking of the forces of cosmic destruction they have endured. The Star Spawn of Cthulhu are said to have plundered them during a period of war. Srusus was a mage priest of the Great Race & was said to have captured the heart of a black star with the shards. They can open gates into 1d8 forbidden realms per day and show the heart's desire of the owner. These things are pieces of wrought insanity & can drive seers and wizards mad. Their also surrounded by 1d100 objects of art and science that they have pulled from history automatically. 
  6. The Crystal Egg of Sho'th - A fist sized egg like object that was actually a mini  matter/time power station of the Deep Ones. The thing pulses with the power of the demon sultan & grants a disturbing curse of  undeath to the fool touching it. They are transformed into a living death thing made of gold, crystal, & precious metal.Their soul is joined in a telepathic Hell to all the others who have suffered this fate since the Fall of Atlantis. The egg is surrounded by the plunder of a thousand worlds as once per day it opens doors across space & time. Only with lead gloves can the thing be held, handled, and moved. It is priceless and very dangerous and is said to be able to summon the Outer God whose name can't be spoken. 
"Theosophists have guessed at the awesome grandeur of the cosmic cycle wherein our world and human race form transient incidents. They have hinted at strange survivals in terms which would freeze the blood if not masked by a bland optimism. But it is not from them that there came the single glimpse of forbidden eons which chills me when I think of it and maddens me when I dream of it. That glimpse, like all dread glimpses of truth, flashed out from an accidental piecing together of separated things — in this case an old newspaper item and the notes of a dead professor...."
HP Lovecraft 'The Call of Cthlhu'

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