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1d6 Random High Level Adventuress NPC's Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are ladies who don't have time or wait for anyone to 'take care' of them. These lady adventurers are forces of nature in their own rights and might if the party acts nicely take them in hand to help them out. Perhaps to act as patrons or information brokers, often these adventurers can be found at the fringes or dimensional borderlands between worlds. For sufficient treasure they'll be glad to help if its in their best interests.

Several adventuress are based on Njinga Mbande or Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande

In pulp adventures these ladies could be invaluable but use them sparingly for their impact on an adventure is in the novelty of the characters appearances. They are dangerous forces of nature and highly specialized in how they can impact an on going campaign.

1d6 Random High Level
Adventuress NPC's Encounter Table
  1. Queen Gel' Te Trus - This former adventurer has found her niche as a black magician & queen among a people lost to the ages. She is a ninth level wizard with several ancient demonic pacts that she uses to protect her people. She is wise as she is deadly but her intelligence is her greatest weapon, a master chess player she often pits enemies against each other but has at her command a guild of assassins & duelists who often come from a wide variety of walks of life & social standing. She is great patron of adventurers however & often finances expeditions across dimensional divides. Here former party of adventurers forms the core of her court. 
  2. Naba Naba  - This very dangerous & former cunning thief is now the head of her own thieves guild that operates as a group of mid wives for a wide variety of wealthy clients. They boast several witches within their ranks but they are actually all thieves of one stripe or another but not in the classic type. These ladies are each dedicated protectors of children and hunt a wide variety of exploiters of them. These are quickly and quietly murdered, their gold or goods are taken & the operations destroyed in a quiet fashion. Naba Naba often hunts special prey herself through her 'wolves' operatives of fifth or better level which move across social and social lines. She often pays adventurers for information on wizards, slavers, and others sometimes acting as patrons for those seeking revenge against these sorts. 
  3. Duchess Fl'ra 'The Green Lady' this former fighter now turned land owner is the owner of a well off plantation operation. She is also a master swords women who has journeyed across space & time making her wealth. Her husband was her partner but died in a horrific battle against the forces of Hell. She now seeks to train & use a wide variety of fighters who have seen far too much. Her fighters are all very dangerous in their own right and command top dollar as mercenaries. Those who have trained with her send her a five percent tithe every new moon. She sells arms, equipment, and information to prospective adventurers. She is also a very dangerous opponent of the forces of chaos & Hell. 
  4. Sister Val - This former adventurer is now the head of a travel flock of very dangerous worshipers of the power of Law. She appears to be a beggar & priestess of the local migrant workers but is actually one of the most potential inquisitors of Law seen. Her zeal is dangerous and as a ninth level cleric she has seen it all and travel across the worlds. For 'small' a donation she will advise & perhaps help groups of adventurers but she is fickle and very dangerous. 
  5. Lady Jessica - A ninth level former wizard of the darkest type this midnight queen is has traveled to many distant lands and made her fortune with a core group of outlaws. She is now a wealthy land owner but uses her black magic to help out and act as a patron to other groups of wizards & adventurers. Her thirst for black knowledge is tempered by a very dangerous streak of politic. She has several minor cults that she uses as her cat's paws throughout the planes and her reach is far. Paying for relics and treasures her former pupils still bring her. She is still a force to be recokoned with even all these centuries after her adventuring career has ended.. A great patron but a dangerous lady to cross.She often travels in disguise among various temples across Europe and beyond.
  6. 'The lady who travels ' is a mysterious costume adventurer who is a whisper on the wind but her pistols have killed and murdered many evil rival outlaws. Her guild of masked outlaws have been seen throughout the planes acting as highwaymen & thieves to many mercenary outfits. She takes her cut but how and why is not known. She has acted as patron for no less then fifty two other dimensional adventures through strange upper crust proxy houses and agents. But her wrath knows no bounds should she be double crossed.

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