Monday, April 17, 2017

Some Commentary On The "Alpha Blue Rpg Campaign Manager" For Your Old School Sci Fi Campaigns

So Venger Satanis put together an  "Alpha Blue Campaign Manager"which basically let's you keep track of the sci fi elements of your Alpha Blue rpg sci fi references. This isn't that bad of a work sheet at all and in the words of the designer,"Specifically, I was imagining my sleazy sci-fi RPG Alpha Blue and how it's a mash-up of so many TV shows and movies.  It can be difficult to keep a wide variety of influences in your head while running a game.  Eventually, it becomes just one more thing to juggle.  However, instead of trying to keep another ball in the air, why not write it down?"
Actually this isn't a bad idea at all. It keeps things nice and organized whist in the midst of a game and its not just useful for Alpha Blue but Traveler or any other old school sci fi rpg.

So when it comes to campaign managers I've been using these for old school gaming ever since the Judge's Guild products & campaign notes way back in 77 or so. These were some of the first pieces of old school hard copy that we used to keep track of important campaign elements. These things can come in very handy for OD&D, Gamma World, Fasa Star Trek, Stars Without Number Style games, & of course Traveler.
It seems like its common sense to use this sort of arrangement but the number of dungeon masters who don't is pretty surprising. Yet in the middle of a game they get flustered when a player tries to point out an important NPC or two. All of this relates to adventure & campaign organization, on the whole sheets like this come in very handy. This can be true of science fiction or science fantasy games where you have tons of adventure elements in play during a campaign. Factions connections with NPC's and relations to who does what or knows whom is central to keeping events and things flowing smoothly.
So on my recommendation, I'd go and down load this little nifty piece of old school hard copy to keep your old school games flowing smoothly.
According to Venger, "The "Alpha Blue Campaign Manager" will also be included in the upcoming scenario High Stakes Q'uay Q'uar, but now's your chance to get it early."

You can grab this incredibly useful piece of real world hard copy right over here

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