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More Hyperborean Hi jinks Under A Purple Sky - The Islands of Purple Putresence - An Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Actual Play Event

Last night it was time for my group's weekly The Islands of Purple Putrescence game powered by the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea first edition rpg engine. There's been a lot happening since last game.
The PC's have been messing around with the crystals on the islands & getting into as well as out of all kinds of trouble.

Two things came in handy for last night's game from The Zenopus Archives Monster List by HD - Reference Sheet v1.1 - single sheet listing statistics for all 80 monsters in the Monster List, ordered by HD.
econd page has some tips for using the table &
One Hit Point Monsters v1.0 - twenty new monsters with one hit point, for use with single characters which helped to set the alien nature of the islands without killing every last PC. This is

The party's shaman has acquired a purple fairy familiar, really messed around with a hedge wizard/slave trader, & he's managed to get the party in lots of trouble over crystals which this PC seems to have natural affinity for. That's not a good thing in a way. The group's shaman has traded in several crystals for an animal woman slave whose become his bodyguard. Nula was this particular animal woman's name & she is a third level assassin. Blessed with an almost supernatural psionic empathy sense & the ability to communicate without actually speaking she  was more then a match for several of the NPC's  the party encountered on the island. To say she's been busy is an understatement.

The PC's in last night's game encountered a Hyperborean teleporter which brought them straight into the heart of one of the island's lesser city states which is on par with Pompeii. And they almost came face to face with the G'R'ruiri's  magician's guild.
These guys are a faction made up of academics, survivors of certain Federation space craft, & purple wielding  jerks who consider themselves the 'true inheritors' of the island's power. The guild is made up of 4th through 9th level magicians who have taken the 'oath' of power. They're mostly molded on the free  The Baleful Sorcerer of Tsathag'kha From Kort'thalis Publishing

Throughout the local city state they wield power & influence by fear, power, intimation, & connections to certain nasty groups such as the Deep Ones and other Lovecraftian entities. Think Roman senator with all the corruption & now add in purple magick power.

Needless to say that the party left after a minor vulgar display of power between PC's and the party was lead into the city state's black market magick quarter which was where Talis holds court. Here the party encountered lots of alien half men, mutants, & races from a dozen realities. Talis is a green skinned wizard surrounded by dozens of his animal women assassins, thieves, and operators. But his most dangerous operative is the skeleton man from Jupiter bounty hunter Tuff. Tuff has a love of control crystals & wields a radium pistol with deadly accuracy. He took an instant dislike the party & went off in a snit after Talis accepted the party's offer.

1d20 Random Pulp Encounters
Within The  Black Market Magick Quarter  Table 
  1. 1d6 black magicians buying herbs that scream the songs of the damned. These herbs grow from the rotting skin of gods on the islands south side. 
  2. A group of very bewildered survivors from a space craft on the beaches of purple sand. They need a guide and fast before the thieves get a hold of them in 1d6 rounds 
  3. Alien pick pockets working the crowd, they're 2nd level thieves & alien vampires. 
  4. 6 black magicians looking for adventurers for a job and quest to one of the islands god kings. 
  5. A group of very confused Alpha Blue adventurers who are waking up from an a night bender 
  6.  Post apocalyptic adventurers who are on a quest for a certain magickal potion to help cure a plague back home. 
  7. Alien merchants selling human dreams and emotions bottled in magick containers. These get you high and help to make dreams come true. Did I mention that they're very addictive. 
  8. Crystal seller looking to unload worthless junk. He's got an assassin after him already, a wisdom check is needed to see that this is a dead man walking. 
  9. A possessed body walks the streets with purple demons running through her. Very dangerous and slightly radioactive to anyone within 20 feet of her.
  10. A reptile mummy from another dimension is buying magickal components for an upcoming ritual. Looking for help locating several crystals for it. 
  11. Screaming & walking a muscle bound barbarian sells his skills as a tracker between worlds rather loudly. He's good but needs others for a side mission. 
  12. Merchants from a dimension of sound are selling the calls of the dead for necrotic rituals. These can call 1d8 ghosts within 1d6 rounds but beware the dangers of this. 
  13. A man is selling pieces of his soul to the highest bidder. Actually their pieces of his neighbor whom he hates. These pieces can be used to create 1d20 rot grubs with the right rituals. 
  14. This merchant is selling pieces of a cake of unreality. Those who eat of it will fade from existence within 1d20 rounds and be hurled into a random dimensional plane. 
  15. A merchant is selling pieces of  witch cigars that can create a shield of antimagic for 1d6 rounds for 200 gold pieces each 
  16. You hear the screams of captive mutant humanoid children's ghosts. These things are deadly hunters of others. She wants 1d200 gold pieces for each soul bottle. 
  17. Dr. I.D. Fy a serpent man priest in human disguise is selling his services for identifying magic items or relics. 100 gold pieces each or a slave of humanoid stock for each item. 
  18. Several alien harlots are recruiting for a trip to Alpha Blue. Actually these are cultists looking for sacrifices for a local back alley murder. 4th level black magic assassins who might sell their services to the right client. Lots of fast talking and several Charisma rolls might be in order.
  19. A group of adventurers is looking to sell their latest magical treasure for 5 slaves or 700 gold pieces. They've got a piece of alien preserved brain in a jar that grants wishes. Actually what they've got is a piece of an alien god that opens 1d20 doors to other realities and its getting ready to recall back its flesh. Anyone within a forty foot radius will be caught in the effect. They'll be lunch and their soul will be swallowed.
  20. Several alien pirates are selling 1d20 relics and ill gotten artifacts for dirt cheap. They've been compelled to under a curse. Those who pick up these treasures will be under a geas to complete a quest for an unknown power. The items & powers behind this are up to the DM.
Many of the ideas in last night's adventure were created using several suggestions  from  Play Your Character Like A Fucking Boss.  Yes this book works for both the players and the DM's kids.

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