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1d6 Random Weird Wasteland Spirits Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

They are all that remains of the lost spirits that inhabit the wastes, the souls of the damned of Atlantis and Lemuria.They are encountered without rhyme or reason when some ancient relic is carried by the Boreas winds to the shores of ancient lands. When encountered in the wastelands they can very dangerous as they carry with them the curse of the damned and dying.

The force of suns had waned beyond recall.
Chaos was re-established over all,
Where lifeless atoms through forgetful deeps
Fled unrelated, cold, immusical.

Above the tumult heaven alone endured;
Long since the bursting walls of hell had poured
Demon and damned to peace erstwhile denied,
Within the Abyss God's might had not immured.
The Abyss Triumphant

Clark Ashton Smith

These are spirits whose death was so violent that it has driven them beyond insanity & depravity. These are merely creatures of undeath and appetites of the most extreme kind. They are mere parodies of their former living selves. These insane spirits will count as ghosts from the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual or spectral wights. Often times they tied to areas where one or more minor artifacts are secreted.

1d6 Random Weird Wasteland
Spirits Encounter Table
  1. A former banker/money lender whose spirit is tied to the 1d1000 strong box that was his chain life. He is tied to the souls of three ghoulish guardians who torment him as violence of their destruction makes them repeat their lives in an endless loop of haunted horror. But these spirits hunger for the souls of the living. 
  2. A metal cylinder is actually the spirit battery for an ancient scientist who was taken when the acid of it burst bathing him in destruction. He endlessly forms and reforms from the event but attacks with dangerous claws once he senses the living. There are 1d200 silver pieces secreted in a section of flooring near his destruction that he was trying to get before things went sideways. 
  3. The spirits of three mad priests endlessly argue over the fate of their city and will whirl around their targets as they try to pin the soul of their prey between them. They can use 1d4 clerical spells that they had in life as they try to trap their prey. 
  4. A single gold coin holds the ghost of a former governor who was visiting this providence upon its destruction.He is now a wight of extremely nasty disposition appearing on every third full moon to murder the living. He loves to murder travelers and take their eyes. 
  5. Born at the cross roads of Hell, this ghost guards an interference to the underworld and takes those it can. It has forgotten its identity and has almost but not quite become a partially demonic thing of extreme violence. There are 1d200 gold pieces that it has taken from various victims as trophies over the eons. 
  6. This wizard's dark spirit serves three demons from Saturn and it has identity for 1d20 hours and is able to cast spells before this spirit is tormented by them and degenerates back into a simple wasteland ghost. It guards 1d4 minor relics.

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