Wednesday, April 5, 2017

1d6 Random Effects Of The Special Golden Lhasa Sauce Table

Sought across the Prime Material planes across the dimensions the The Special Golden Lhasa Sauce is made from the giant mushrooms of the inner Earth kingdom of Shambala. These giant mushrooms are grown from the corpse of an ancient god. Sought by travelers across the multivese, this sauce was offered as a part of a promotion for a film eons ago. Since then its reputation has grown to Biblical proportions. Since then the sauce has been found from time to time in warehouses & other out of the way locations.

The sauce always comes in nine ounce quart containers worth about 10,000 credits or 20,000 gold pieces. There is the ultra rare movie promotional G'Lon sauce containers worth double or triple that amount to the right collectors. Adventurers have been known to murder for containers of this sauce.

Sauce picture by MOs810

Hi end sauce dealers have been known to be murdered in their sleep & their corpses hung in public squares in certain quadrants of the planes. The fate of fake sauce dealers is best left not said at all. But what does the sauce do? Why are men & aliens willing to kill for this legendary substance? Here are some random effects of The Special Golden Lhasa Sauce.

1d6 Random Effects Of
The Special Golden Lhasa Sauce Table 

  1. The user is transported to another alternative reality where events turned out very differently. 
  2. The user's taste buds explode with well being & good fortune. They must have another bite of that stuff. 
  3. All of reality is altered & they gain cosmic awareness for 1d20 rounds. 
  4. Their fondest desire is fulfilled as the water is changed to cherry wine. 
  5. This dipping sauce is the most glorious f****ing thing ever! 
  6.  Alternate assassin versions of the PC must murder the current PC for having the gall to try and gain this sauce! Meanwhile the PC has gained incredible insight into the cosmic mysteries of the universe & this is incredible sauce!

Obviously this has been inspired by one of the greatest science fiction  cartoons ever and is a parody bitch!

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