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1d6 Random Undead Guardian Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Before the fall of Atlantis these spirits guarded treasures undreamt of, their charges remain as their spirits do as well. They are insane, angry, & very dangerous. These spirits have incredible energy as well as patience for exacting revenge against transgresses & fools who waste their time. Those that steal from them can expect a slow & steady revenge as they take their time stalking, torturing, & killing adventurers.

"Phantom and fiend and sorceror
Shall serve me...till my term shall pass,
And I become no more, alas,
Than a frail shadow on the glass
Before some latter conjurer."
Song of the Necromancer Clark Ashton Smith

These spirits are most often completely insane having survived the destruction of their homeland & their afterlife has become a literal Hell upon a bound Earth. The treasures that they guard will be worth at least a thousand or better gold pieces. These insane spirits will count as ghosts from the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual or specters. They will be extremely dangerous & capable of inflicting a curse ala the spell upon those that steal from them. At the new moon they will manifest as fearsome parody of what or who they were in life. 

Medieval ghost by Gallowglass

These spirits will murder anyone who takes their treasures or charges in the most spectacular way possible to serve as a warning to others. There are certain forbidden spells that are capable of creating such spirits but most of these rites have been lost to history with the sinking of Atlantis beneath the waves.

1d6 Random Undead Guardian Encounter Table

  1. A ghostly queen whose spirit is wrapped around a pure white/green jade toroise worth over 20,000 gold pieces. She mourns for the spirits of those who steal this piece for she must rip them into shreds. There are seventy five other spirits which she can call from the underworld to help guard her treasure from fabled Atlantis. These spirits may manifest as rotted 2nd level fighters. 
  2. This solid gold chest contains the spirit of a lost priest whose so old that it has forgotten its original identity. The thing now serves the giant fist sized glowing jewel worth 6000 gold pieces which beats with the internal fires of its ancient masters. The ghost's eyes keep time with the jewel and it has a habit of sharpening its claws on women's backs. 
  3. A solid crystal wand of jet and green fire crystals worth two thousand gold pieces is guarded by the demonic ghost of a prince who was murdered by his own sword. He is doomed to guard this wand until the necromancer who bound him comes to give him his leave at the end of days. 
  4. This giant skeleton spirit is bound to this crown of old red gold & jewels worth 40000 gold pieces because of its blood soaked history. The skeleton manifests right outside of the vision of normal people and tears bloody chunks from thieves. It loathes necromancers and has been known to manifest just to murder them within twenty or thirty feet of its treasure. 
  5. The spirit of a mad priest guard's a black ring  of jet and gold that holds the royal spirits of two ancient lovers. The priest must allow them to pass from this life but to do so a quest must be made in their name. Anyone picking up this ring will have a geas placed upon them unless a save vs wands is made. The priest kills to relieve its boredom & angst. It loves to tear the hearts from its victims and collect's eyes for fun. 
  6. This crystal & gold vase contains the spirits of two lovers who manifest as twin phantoms when this vase worth 50000 gold pieces is disturbed. The vase also contains the remains of an ancient wizard who will teach a worthy pupil two levels of black magick. The twin spirits love to torture those who would steal this ancient treasure of Atlantis.

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