Monday, March 27, 2017

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure OSR Campaign- Between A Rock & The Claw An Actual Play Event For The Raiders! of the Lost Artifacts Rpg System By Thomas Denmark

So the PC's from last week's game aren't going to let them be keep in the same time space continuum, so they began to brain storm about another possible time machine or gateway to help them defeat the machinations of the German forces man Professor Fenton. The PC's trail of adventure led them to the shores of the Pacific island nation of Ricca, & its sleazy highly dangerous harbors. They were in search of information and possible weird science dimension hopping technology that had been smuggled in. They got far more then they bargained for when they almost were imprisoned in the dungeons of the demonic lich ruler of Ricca, The Claw.

The PC's came face to face with a brotherhood of pirates who wear in the employ of 'The Claw' and about to deliver  a rare gem. The PC's were able to acquire a rare diamond gem relic 'The Blue Fire'  which belonged to another forth level treasure hunter/assassin The Cobra. Rather then face the wraith of the Claw, the pirates fled & their leader the Cobra went to deal with the PC's but they were gone having flown away by that time. The Claw is an occultist of the highest order & a god like figure on the island nation. The party started having bad dreams, mechanical problems in their plane, and almost ended up dying but managed to escape with a few lucky rolls. Meanwhile the Cobra is now on their trail & he's not going to stop until he gains revenge on the adventurers!

Meanwhile the Blue Fire seems to be exerting an unhealthy influence on the party's occultist & there's reason to suspect that The Claw himself is behind this. The party needs a port in a storm and there are several in the party's flight plan but how long can they remain airborne with the 'God of Hate' on their tale and what's the strange ghostly plane that's trailing them now? Only time will tell if the Claw catches up with our heroes but they've heard tales of another treasure!

In tonight's game everything seemed to work out quite smoothly by using the strengths of both retroclone systems.  I powered tonight's game adventure  using a combination of Raiders! of the Lost Artifacts  By Thomas Denmark & Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea as the back bone system. On the whole everything seemed to have a very golden age pulp feel to it and the encountered seemed to really challenge the player's tonight. I'm curious to see what's going to happen if the 'Claw's forces catch up with the PC's! The only complaint I have is that I need a physical copy of Raiders! of the Lost Artifacts, the pdf copy is driving both myself and my players nuts. I'll have to wait a couple of weeks until my next pay day and Lulu's next sale.  My eyes are ready to fall out of my head from reading the pdf.

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