Thursday, March 23, 2017

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure OSR Campaign Now Powered By The Raiders! of the Lost Artifacts Rpg System By Thomas Denmark An Actual Play Event

So last night I dusted off an old imprint time traveling/dimension hopping  pulp campaign of mine but this time I powered it using a combination of Raiders! of the Lost Artifacts  By Thomas Denmark 
& Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea as the back bone system. This isn't the first time I've done this but I've reconnected this OSR powered system with my High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure OSR  campaign setting. Basically this is a 1920's world that has been exploiting dimensional hopping technologies & the Germans are in a desperate race to get a hold of every last shred of it after discovering the occult secrets of relics in WWI. They've been opening dimensional gateways. They've been mutating & trying to create super soldiers to bolster their nation's ranks. The Germans have been using The Beyond for some of their dark occult technologies but they've also have been making in roads onto other worlds

So after a quick twenty minute PC roll up the group of six players had a good array of PC's.
We had decided that these would be the kids of heroes who were stepping into their adventurer parents shoes to help stop the on coming inevitable war. William Bruce played by Allen was the son of The Super American. He was only a 2nd level mercenary & has been trying to live up to his father's image for years. He also had access to his father's
" Chronopticon" dimensional hopping time machine. The party would be using that machine to head off the German forces man Professor Fenton. Fenton was after the Grail of Thruisu' a lost relic of an ancient African tribe that promised immortality to the owner along with ancient power. 

The professor's connection had been discovered by Jason Quinn aka the Black Avenger the son of second  The Black Bat.  Jason had inherited his father's 18/00 strength but not his dark sight. So he's been using super science goggles & blackout bombs ala the OD&D darkness spell to compensate.  Of course there's always a Quatermain along for the ride & Sarah Quatermain has inherited grand father's curse along with his adventurous spirit. She's one of the group's Treasure Hunters & also only a first level PC played by Jason's wife Holly.

Shiala Piper had inherited her father's dead white skin, evil purple white eyes, & has gained possession of the Moonstone Amulet along with his fetish cane but she doesn't have the Spookman's experience. As the group's 2nd level occultist she's always in the thick of things. She's backed by Harry Wissop the protege of the Ghost whose also the group's second occultist and scientist. But he's only a first level green kid whose head over heels in love and in deep extra dimensional weirdness. Then there's Crash Cranson whose the group's pilot and another mercenary. The party immediately was stranded in another time period by Fenton after confronting him on his lost Pacific island. Here the party met up with Peggy Allen aka the Woman in Red or as another of the party put it, 'Its Peggy Allen's daughter' 'I've heard of this wannabe'! After which she saved their butts from a mutated dinosaur.

After dealing with a horde of ape men, a few of the harrowing traps of the professor, the party did manage to recover the Grail but Fenton made it away with some lost Hyperborean technology! The party went up a level but they've been banned from using the
"Chronopticon" again. But is this the end or only the beginning? The players will have to find a way.

All characters mentioned are public domain but these versions are trade marked and copy righted to the players. Raiders of the Lost Artifacts is copy righted and trade marked to Night Owl Workshop who is in no way responsible for the contents of this blog.

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