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1d8 Random Ancient Viking Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

These relics come from another time after the fall of the Old Gods, they carry with them the echoes of Ragnarok & the doom of ages. To carry these objects is to carry the weight of ages for their stories yearn to be told & their owner's forgotten lost deeds to be carried out. There is a 20% chance that a geas or other spell of the ages is carried upon them.

But there are far darker & disturbing aspects of these objects, demons, entities, and other horrors from beyond time & space stalk the angles outside of time looking for the scent of Old Earth echoing through the ether between the "Dark Spaces." These forces  will seek the trails of the owners of these objects to murder or worse such folks to oblterate the traces of them from all reality. These things are hates from old & they loath those who would remember the nobility and heroism of the 'Old Peoples'.

"Like gay-hued leaves after an autumn storm, the fallen littered the plain; the sinking sun shimmered on burnished helmets, gilt-worked mail, silver breastplates, broken swords and the heavy regal folds of silken standards, overthrown in pools of curdling crimson. In silent heaps lay war-horses and their steel-clad riders, flowing manes and blowing plumes stained alike in the red tide. About them and among them, like the drift of a storm, were strewn slashed and trampled bodies in steel caps and leather jerkins"
Robert Howard The Phoenix & The Sword 1932

1d8 Random Ancient Viking Treasures Table

  1. A chess set of carved ivory & precious woods with the board nearby the chess pieces seem weirdly realistic. Worth 600 gold pieces to the right collector for the pieces can give echos of the future 1d20 weeks away. 
  2. Set of strangely wrought wooden navigation tools that don't correspond to any known Earthly sea going pieces. These can be used by a Viking wizard to navigate the deeper lower Astral or the Outer Darkness worth an easy 1000 gold pieces to the right black magician, necromancer or other wizard. 
  3. Brooch of Protection against the horrors of the Outer Darkness 600 gold pieces because of a serious nick in the neck of the piece works about 60 % of the time. Roll for percentage each encounter. A spot of blood never goes away on it. 
  4. Staff of Jet and Wood made to resemble the face of an ancient wizard or man that allows the owner to cast a true sight spell three times per day. This piece also can increase the casting duration of any spells effects by 30% when used. Worth 6000 gold pieces because of the incredibly intricate wooden carvings that seem to writhe and move under the user's hands when its used. 
  5. Golden Valkyrie carving is made to resemble a little girl's doll but it is anything but. This piece can show who carries the death sign in an upcoming battle three times per day. The piece is also will rebuke any minor undead within a 30 foot radius as the spirit of the piece mocks the state of such beings. The golden Valkyrie will  appear to the owner once every six full moons to advise, chastise, and impart wisdom on matters of the dead, heroic dead, and some minor necrotic matters. This item is worth 5000 gold pieces or trade goods to the right temple or lodge. 
  6. Scales of The Wise - This set of scales belonged to the magicians of the ancients and is able to measure the power & magicks of astral lands. These are vary valuable to the right type of magician. They can also three times per day rattle and warn of any demonic influence within a 30 foot radius. 
  7. A Cross Pendant made from the bones of a necromancer this piece has been carved from the bones of a hated necromancer & echoes with the trickery and strangeness of the dead. It allows a path of safety to be created through any minor undead three times per day but it also whispers horrid truths and prophetic rhymes when it does this. Undead hate and loath this thing for it mocks them with whispers and untold truths within ten feet. It is an annoying and hateful thing worth 1000 gold pieces to the right collector or wizard. Necromancers will try to destroy it.
  8. The Drinking Cup of Dragons - Carved from the single horn of a hate of old this drinking cup allows its owner to gain the wisdom and deep understanding of the ancient kings of old serpents three times per week. The owner will enter a fugue state that must not be broken for 1d6 days and he will receive dark and disturbing dreams but gain incredible wisdom from the spirits of the horn. Priceless to the right tribe

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