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1d20 Random Other Dimensional Ruins In The Outer Darkness Encounter Table

Deep within the cold bone freezing darkness between the star's reflection in the otherverse between worlds is the Outer Darkness. This blackness can chill and freeze gods in their tracks, a hellish void of eternal darkness & savagery, this realm is the home to countless strange ruins & alien craft. Still there are those fools who plumb the deeps of the Outer Darkness hoping to retrieve some of the ancient lore & relics of  Poseidonis itself. But these depths are guarded by demons from Saturn & worse.

"Hotar and Evidon were brothers in science as well as by consanguinity. They were the last representatives of a long line of illustrious inventors and investigators, all of whom had contributed more or less to the knowledge, wisdom, and scientific resources of a lofty civilization matured through cycles. One by one they and their fellow-savants had learned the arcanic secrets of geology, of chemistry, of biology, of astronomy; they had subverted the elements, had constrained the sea, the sun, the air, and the force of gravitation, compelling them to serve the uses of man; and lastly they had found a way to release the typhonic power of the atom, to destroy, transmute, and reconstruct the molecules of matter at will.
However, by that irony which attends all the triumphs and achievements of man, the progress of this mastering of natural law was coincidental with the profound geologic changes and upheavals which caused the gradual sinking of Atlantis. Age by age, aeon by aeon, the process had gone on: huge peninsulas, whole sea-boards, high mountain-ranges, citied plains and plateaus, all went down in turn beneath the diluvial waves. With the advance of science, the time and location of future cataclysms was more accurately predictable; but nothing could be done to avert them.
In the days of Hotar and Evidon, all that remained of the former continent was a large isle, called Poseidonis. It was well known that this isle, with its opulent sea-ports, its aeon-surviving monuments of art and architecture, its fertile inland valleys, and mountains lifting their spires of snow above semi-tropic jungles, was destined to go down ere the sons and daughters of the present generation had grown to maturity."
“A Voyage to Sfanomoe.” Clark Ashton Smith

1d20 Random Other Dimensional Ruins In The Outer Darkness Encounter Table 
  1. The airless void conceals an alien castle ruin with some tendriled beast god living within it. There is a 20% chance of relics worth 3000 to 6000 gold pieces but there is a magick curse upon the place.
  2. Hyperborean sky boat with many decks and glittering trails of relics worth a king's fortune but its guarded by demons from the Abyss Type I 
  3.  Dark and dangerous ruins are the abode of a clan of gargoyles who guard the Hyperborean crown jewels. They will tear the eyes out of anyone who comes near unless they bare the scared word. 
  4. An ancient Hyperborea passenger saucer with over a hundred skeletons and horrors on board but a fully packed cargo hold of relics and artifacts waiting for crews never coming. 
  5. A single cargo ship with a god jelly aboard waiting for some fool to open it. There is a fully stocked fuel supply worth thousands of gold pieces aboard. 
  6. A dangerous monster god with four sky ships of Hyperborean design in its tendrils. 
  7. Hyperborean transport vessel for a high ranking ancient priest now given to the service of a demon lord of the night. He is a lich & 9th level cleric of darkness. He has over 5000 gold pieces of artifacts. 
  8. A single giant gem worth over 700000 gold pieces floats in the darkness 
  9. Dangerous flocks of succubus guard the tomb asteroid of a dead king who lusted after the pleasures of the flesh as Atlantis sank beneath the waves. 
  10. Weird shapes of ancient horror guard the saucer of an Old Earth explorers family. The words Jup in common can be made out but there is valuable cargo on board guarded by six plague zombies. 
  11. A huge sky ship is crewed by four hundred ghouls in the service to some ancient god thing wait for some fool to crack open an air lock. There are tens of thousands of gold pieces worth of relics here but the whole place is infected with ghoul plague. 
  12. Hyperborean rider and sky cycle frozen in place. The sky cycle seems worth 6000 gold pieces but these two are one unit so worth a 1000 gold pieces to the collector of such morbid artwork and remains. 
  13. A vast sky ship/ ruin with over seven floors of material to cover. There are ghouls, demons, & undead vying for space aboard this vessel. They war with each other frequently and there are several caches of relics to tempt the unwary worth over 20000 gold pieces. 
  14. Strange black step pyramid floats on its side, it is of old Martian design and hides a temple of the old gods of Mars. The place is guarded by deadly demons of hideous aspect but its the abode of one of the last tombs of the ancient Martian ocean kings. There are jewels worth 70000 gold pieces but the place is under a strange fungal curse. 
  15. Weird pockets of gas are actually doorways to Saturn caution must be used around these. 
  16. The vast corpse of an ancient god conceals within it's corpse the abode of a group of half demonic pirates who use the place as a lair to strike at star ships in other realities. The corpses is half seige weapon and half lair for the pirates.  
  17. A strange frozen giant bubble of unreality is the lair of demon queen who guards the eggs of an ancient Hyperborean god thing. Each egg is worth 60,000 gold pieces to the right wizard. But these eggs are near hatching and she will eat the soul of those who disturb her. Her astral form can pursue trespassers into other realities.  
  18. Giant claws of an ancient demon god hold the ruins of a castle within them. The castle is the home to clan of Hyperborean liches that have survived the sinking of Atlantis and wish to return to Hyperborea but they are barred by the gods for a sin of horror. They will torture anyone they meet for answers to their questions but hold deadly Hyperborean weapons of mass destruction. 
  19. Worthless ruins of a skyship float here but this is actually the lair of a demonic stalker of hideous aspect who hunts the planes for a wizard he only half remembers so now all wizards are his prey. He has a cache of alien artifacts from his prey worth 4000 gold pieces from many realities. They are worth three times this on Hyperborea.  
  20. A frozen spawn of Cthulhu awaits some fool who awakens it from its diamond covered asteroid tomb of dirt and ice. There are over a million gold pieces worth of diamonds here that were used to seal the beast in place. 

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