Monday, November 4, 2013

Review and Commentary On Tim Snider Man's One Year In The Savage AfterWorld From Savage AfterWorld Blog For The Mutant Future Rpg And Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Week after week and every few days Tim Sniderman Snider puts out quality post apocalyptic content on the Savage After World blog. Ever since I started into the OSR and getting back into retroclones, post apocalyptic gaming, and Mutant Future his is one of those blogs that always delivers the goods.
He's put out monster filled mutant books of mayhem, weird weather tables, and a cache of radioactive goodness that is all bunker fresh quality.
 Books like the Deviant Database available over HERE have provided a butt load of trouble in my Mutant Future campaigns.
Well now he's taken up the cause with a huge number of collected mini adventures with full stats, encounters, and everything built in and ready to roll.

This is one hundred and eight pages of original Mutant Future material!
Encounters, monsters, treasures, and everything all ready to roll right out of the pock marked gate! Seriously this is a solid quality book and well worth the six dollar asking price.
The book carefully lays out everything you need for an evening's entertainment or an extended mini campaign of  post apocalyptic horrors in the wasteland.
The book covers everything from simple encounters to full on full ufo base weirdness in the desert as well as every single thing in between.
The encounters are well balanced, entertaining, and done in the best of the old school tradition. Some of the encounters look to be expanded a bit here and there. With a bit of padding upon the DM's part there are almost a year or more's worth of  gaming.
Even though all of the monsters are statted up and everything fully fleshed out I'd grab my trusty,rusty copy of the Deviant Database as well before running these just to add a bit more drama between encounters.
The graphics, layout, and everything else in the book is carefully laid out and easy to read. There are several encounters that might be TPK's if the DM isn't careful but that's post apocalyptic gaming for you.
 Many of these fifty two encounters could easily be used as part of a side track and there are at least two or more that could be turned into full spring boards for campaigns.

Fully supported with additional material from the blog
 The Savage After World
Right Over

I have to say that the author has out done himself and this is one of his best efforts so far!
Highly Recommended  For All Mutants and Marauders!
 Even though this material is aimed at Goblinoid Games Mutant Future Rpg there isn't any reason why this material with some adaptation could be used with any post apocalyptic or fantasy retroclone! 


  1. Thanks for the review and the kind words!

  2. You are welcome and keep on pumping out the OSR post apocalyptic goodness Tim!


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