Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review and Commentary On 'Relics of the Lost' From Sine Nomine Publishing For Your Stars Without Number Game or Any Retroclone Space Based Campaign

Get It Right
Straight up this is thirty two pages of awesomeness. I've been waiting awhile to review this one. This is a great artifact book and much more in thirty two pages.
The author presents some incredible and very interesting artifacts for Stars Without Number.
According to the Drivethrurpg page : 

The Treasures of a Dead Age Await

In Relics of the Lost you will find a trove of ancient technology and precious artifacts long since lost to a lesser era. While written for the free Stars Without Number game system, the classic mechanics used here are compatible with almost any old-school gaming system, allowing for caches of foreign technology in your own favorite game.
Inside this 32-page collection of tech, you'll find....
  • 25 new weapons, from old-fashioned mortars to temporal explosives
  • 10 new types of armor to be employed in valiant battle
  • 30 new pharmaceutical stims for every perilous occasion
  • 50 commercial and domestic devices, each of which are ready to be repurposed to ends unanticipated by their creators
  • 8 new robot armatures, all with stats for use as AI hulls
  • 5 hideous maltech projects to blight an unsuspecting world
Plus extra trimmings for augmented or malfunctioning ancient weapons, Second Wave stim manufacturers and their quirks, random tables for generating loot, and some extra adjectives to add some personality to that stack of watersilk couture.
Grab Relics of the Lost, and add some ancient artifice to your gaming today!

 Using Relics of The Lost In Your
Old School Games.

Reading Relics of The Lost is like going through the Sears Christmas catalog if your a DM. There are so many interesting and lethal little devices tucked into the cracks of this book. 
Because SWN is based on OD&D its quite easy to see the myriad of uses for this book if your a retroclone DM. There are so many diabolical possibilities here. 
 The book is set up for Stars Without Number and does so well at fitting in seamlessly into the background that its hardly noticeable unless you want to add a few devices that can flip your current SWN campaign on its ear. Seriously use some of these with caution. 
They however can be made as part of the landscape to add to the history and wealth of knowledge of NPC's, colour PC's shopping lists, or as complete adventures themselves. They can also be added to Suns of Gold as possible trouble bound products for trade on different worlds. 
 On the other hand if your an Old School DM who wants to add some really nasty things to his post apocalypse game this is a nice little gem to add to your kit of trips and traps. 
 Want to really add some color to the landscape of Carcosa? Add a bit of Maltech and have another country or territory on stand by. 
 Much of this tech could be added to Blackmoor and its insidiousness could figure well into the background of the Temple of the Frog as it rises again. 
 All in all I'm pretty satisfied with this one! Very nice little book to add some color to the local landscape and blow the hell out of your enemies.
 The book is on sale at Drivethrurpg right now! 


  1. Does it have a variety of firearms? That's what I'm looking for in particular.

  2. The short answer to this is no. The book is really an expansion, a rather well done expansion of some of the artifacts that we've seen in the other SWN books but with a hell of a lot more options.
    Don't fret though about the fire arms. Dave Baymiller's blog contains a boat load of firearms and options for use with any OSR game or retroclone. These might suit you.
    Those are available right over here. I've used them extensively while running Trey's City campaign setting. I'll be covering that soon!
    Cheers. Hope that helps my friend!

  3. Gotcha. Thanks for the link to Dave's blog, Some good stuff there!
    Do you use the firearms damage from his site as is for SWN, or do you tweak them?

  4. No I don't use the damage from his site. Instead I use his site for fire arms descriptions but the information in the SWN weapons list for fire arms as a baseline and then modify as needed. This might also depend upon local conditions, parts, etc. All of these has a baring on the weapons condition at the time of purchase. :-)


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