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A Deeper Look Into The Free PDF -Mandate Archive: Transhuman Tech From Sine Nomine Publishing For Stars Without Number

Get It Right Over


This is one of those really odd little books that can in fifteen pages take a campaign and make it incredible or wreck it in a fiery pin wheel of science fiction death.
 Trans Human tech isn't so much about the weird transhuman psychology and movement as it is about totally new directions for an SWN campaign.

According to the blurb in the Drivethrurpg site:
This mini-supplement to the free Stars Without Number sci-fi role-playing game offers optional mechanics and guidelines for introducing some of the favorite tropes of transhuman science fiction into your campaign.
  • Swap your old body for something new with the guidelines for gengineered Hulls
  • Explore a post-scarcity world with the cornucopian wonders of matter compilers
  • Get guidelines on status-based economies and loot in a post-material world
  • Grow your own ideological zealots with guides to transhuman faction generation
..all wrapped up with advice on building a transhuman campaign, tips for developing conflicts in a world without material need, and a convenient one-page player handout on the default Threshold Sector setting. Get it now to add some posthuman spice to your campaign!
Now let's really look at what this means. The whole concept here is that the economics of the sector where this technology is found still retains some of the tech level four and five stuff.
The transhuman technology in the book allows one to adapt consciousness and mind into entirely new forms suited for working the wicked SWN universe.
A review by Joseph M sums the issues of this book up nicely at the end. 
So if you want to use Rep economies in a standard SWN game, or pull out the "hull" bodies in a game that uses careful!

  He's not kidding this technology changes everything about the game if let into a standard (if there is such a thing SWN) campaign. 
The old economics of monitory based PC buy and sell will go right out the window faster then you can say Star Trek Next Generation economics. Not to mention the effects of this stuff upon the PC's. 

Using Trans Human Tech 
In Your Old School Stars Without Numbers Game 

If your going to use this one with the players make sure that its either a mixed party of PC's from this sector or an entire party of PC's who can use the materials presented in this book. This is just my small opinion on the matter. Use it how you'd like but this book is a bit of a game changer literally in my opinion.
The book however is very well thought out and the material well presented to add to your favorite old school space based game. With it we get a much more alien humanity that has been isolated since the 'Scream' and lots of potential for some really serious exploration of deep space.
Add in some of the hazards of real science with a space crew with access to this technology and you've got the makings of a very interesting and some what nasty campaign.
 There is more adventure potential if the addition of terraforming were added to this book but the regular SWN has that in spades in the world creation guidelines.
A very nice little fifteen page free piece of SWN material and highly recommended. 


  1. Holy chrome, I forgot I had a copy of this! I need to read it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. No worries I'm here to help! There will be more deeper slices of SWN material coming up soon. I've just gotten a Marvel Super Heroes entry done and there is more to come! Thanks for the comment!


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