Monday, November 25, 2013

Free OSR PDF Dragon Foot Resource ~ Guide To The Realms of Aedenne For Your Old School Fantasy Campaign

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This is a campaign world designed in the vein of the classic first edition AD&D game but easily adaptable to any OD&D world or retroclone currently on the market.
The world is described by the Dragon foot site as : 
A new gaming world designed for First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but of course easily adapted for use in all roleplay games.
Although fully developed for use with any campaign. This world has many blank spots easily filled with your favorite trope, monster, legend, or adventure to fit right in to your fantasy or science fantasy campaign.
This world could also double as a cross over world for a science fiction retroclone such as Xplorers or Stars Without Number as a lost colony or reconnect colony world.
There are lots of blank slate areas but just enough fill in to make things really interesting.
Using the world of 

Grab The Aedanne Map Pack
This is a great resource to grab and use for your own campaigns.
 However the map pack for 
Aedenne is a must and fully functional in its own right. The maps are crisp, cool, and easily adaptable to any old school game.
The whole place could easily support an isolated star port or holo blind Imperial study base to link this up with a great science fantasy or science fictional blend.
 Many of the standard AD&D first edition modules can be plugged in and played in this world with little to no adaptation but many of the campaign modules will have to be shoe horned in.
 The bits that are there are richly detailed and sorted out with some tropes of AD&D but there is a bit of the old Dragon foot spin that we see in Foot prints magazine.
The whole setting is wide open and should be talked about more on the various blogs and forums but lately nary a mention have I seen anywhere. That's to bad because this is a great free product and one easily adapted to many of the retroclone games on the market.
 I'll be covering Dragon stone in a future entry coming up. 

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