Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Free OSR Science Fiction Illustration Download and Inspiration From The Internet Archive - Fantastic Science-Fiction Art 1926-1954 (Ballantine) (1975)

Download It Right
 This is a fantastic collection of pulp style magazine covers and information collected in a coffee table sized book and available for download from the Internet Archive.
These covers are a great look into another time and place in science fiction history and can provide hours of inspiration for any old school DM.
The description according to Goodreads goes something like this :
Introduction by Lester Del Rey on the history of science fiction. 40 posters suitable for framing. cover art from such magazines as Amazing Stories, Science Wonder Stories, Air Wonder Stories, Wonder Stories Quarterly, Astounding Stories and Startling Stories.

I've had the book for some thirty years and thumb through it every now and again. I stumbled upon it whilst doing some research into some old pulp titles and thought I'd share it. The illustrations are great retro pieces hearkening back to the pulp eras. Since its a free download I don't have any idea how long it will be available.
1975 Ballantine Books was a powerhouse and put out a vast array of science fiction titles and so ventured into other areas. Many of the pieces are in the public domain and this looks like it was a pretty good overview of the pulp era titles of the so called Golden Age. 

I hope you enjoy this download and look into another time and it inspires your science fiction retroclone gaming! 


  1. What a cool resource! I love the old cover art and have several such pieces on rotation on my computer desktop. This pdf is heading straight to my iPad.

  2. Yeah, they are fantastic resources Fractalbat! I've had the book as I've said for thirty years but having it as a pdf resource is another thing entirely yet I have to say that still love dead tree versions of books. There are much more coming up pal. Thanks for the comment!


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