Monday, November 18, 2013

The Cazgorororth - A New Monster For Your Stars Without Numbers Campaign or Old School Space Opera

These horrors recently cropped up in a salvage mission deep in the Talon Sector during a Stars Without Numbers game. The Cazgorororth ready to take flight in your old school game. 

The Cazgorororth is a recently sighted monster within the folds of  The Talon Sector. The monstrous alien lifeform is a not a seductive female humanoid bird like creature but rather a dangerous life form from beyond the bounds of human space itself. This predator from another time space continuum feeds on the life force of spacers in the most remote parts of the Talon sector. 

The thing uses a cloaking field/psychic illusion to reach deeply into the minds of its victim and pull from a victim's mind the perfect illusion of lust and sexual fantasy. This illusion is so perfect as to have spacers literally rushing into the claws of the thing as it delivers a bone crushing bite. 
 The monster does not entirely exists within our space time and is able to fly between the spaces of the local space time continuum. They are seemingly immune to vacuum. The monster is capable of interstellar flight by using powerful psychic organs and telekinetic abilities to create sub space rifts and eddies within its own special hellish existence. 

The thing's body uses both shape shifting cells and psychic polymorphic abilities to shape itself into the most pleasing form it can from the dreams and fantasies of its victims. Those who escape its clutches report themselves having been in the embrace of their greatest loves instead of a horror from deep within the Negative Material planes and Darkness Between the Stars themselves 
 The thing will feed on both constitution and the wisdom of its victims slowly and painful as one point a round is bled off into the monster until the victim is dead. The thing shakes with a bio luminescence orgasmic spasm as it takes in on point after point unless the appropriate saves are made. 
Victims of this horror often have to under go expensive and costly healing by psychics to repair both mind and body. 
 The Cazgorororth attacks with two powerful claws for 1d10 points each and a bone crushing bite for 1d12. The thing will feed at its leisure from concealment if possible. The thing inhabits space wrecks, asteroids, and abandoned space stations to name a few places. 
 They are however particularly bold and have been known to live as well as feed from the edge of colonies on some worlds. They often collect 'trophies' from certain victims as keepsakes and mementos of certain kills. 
There are few examples of the monsters who pass themselves off as alien scribes, wise women, and prophetesses of ancient as well as forbidden religions. Some have been found to be the heads of certain cannibal cults, as well heretical sects worshiping demons, ancient gods, and powerful alien life forms. 

The Cazgorororth

Number Appearing:1 
Armor Class : 4 
Hit Dice : 10 
Attack Bonus : +12/+12/+12 
Damage : 1d10/1d10 Claws 
Bite 1d12 
Saving Throw :10+
Movement: 40'
Star  Jump 1d10 light years once per week after feeding on a man sized humanoid  

Morale :12 (fearless) 

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