Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Free One Page Science Fantasy Adventure ~ The Forgotten Depths From The Metal Earth

Grab The Forgotten Depths Adventure  Right

Grab it right over at the section marked Adventures on the left hand side.
 Its free, fast playing, and fun 

 This is a free one page adventure that you can drop a party of unsuspecting PC's right into. The encounters are fun. The one page adventure is perfect for a science fantasy campaign or as a kick off of a campaign.
The encounters are well balanced to the setting and work very well for a night's entertainment.
The fact is that most players are going to have to work at it though. These encounters are keyed for working with about 90% of the retroclones on the market with some adjustment. The author's weirdness shines through with this one.
There are some real solid finds and relics in this one but nothing that will unbalance a campaign. I've used this adventure location a few times as stopping point for  party before setting them onto Carcosa and points of interstellar mayhem.
Many of the locations remind me of the old Herculoids cartoon. This adventure is perfect for exploration point as a lone planetoid hanging in the far off depths of space. 

If you haven't checked out Metal Earth do yourself a favor and go to check out the various free bits of science fantasy old school goodness. 

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