Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review and Commentary on THe FREE OSR PDF Resource : Underworld Lore #2 From Gorgon Milk and Company

Get It Right

 So Underworld Lore is out From Gorgon Milk and company. This is a fifty page OSR tour de force with some very weird diseases among the covers.
This is is the the kind of magazine that might have come out during the early 80's but is out now.
The articles have a distinctive style and are easily adaptable to numerous retroclone or AD&D first edition styles.
The magazine is well laid out and the articles easy on the eye as well as professional. The contents are really truly warped. Don't miss this one folks. The material with very little work could be adapted to a science fiction or fantasy retroclone game.
 Much of the material is pretty system neutral and could be added to numerous games. The centering of disease and pox is really well done.
 Highly recommended and I really like the job the writers did with the material.
 Solidly done, really nice second issue, great material, 

and best of all free. 

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