Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Mechanisms Of The Mothegol For Your Stars Without Numbers Campaign or Any Old School Space Opera

File:1967. Спутник неземной цивилизации.jpg
The Mechanisms Of The Mothegol
These are a series of strange war ships created by a forgotten alien entity long ago during the time of the Stroke. These bio nanite ships maintain themselves floating between universes and prey on many interstellar  vessels stripping them for parts, gear, and poly ceramic armor.
 These saucer shaped craft use a combination of proto matter and nanite controlled energies to shape probes, energy weapons, and other deadly ship to ship weaponry. These things are controlled by highly dangerous and cunning A.I. who absorb and sort through millions of streams of data and transmissions. These things form temporary alien minds depending upon the local interstellar communities and trade routes from which they prey.
 The usual tactic is to located a target ship and follow then when the vessel is weakest strike with pin point accuracy and focal lasers slicing up the ship and finishing it off with a plasma beam.

The Mechanisms Of The Mothego

lFile:1967. Спутник неземной цивилизации.jpg

Power 10/1 free 
Mass 10/0 free 
Hit points : 25 
Crew : 5/20 robotic and generated as needed 
Speed : 5 
Armor: 5 
 Defenses: Hardened Polycermic Overlay
Weaponry : Multifocal laser (+1 to hit, 3d6+1, AP10) 
Plasma Beam +3/3d6+1, AP10),Disassembler Swarm Launcher (+1 to hit, 1d4 per round to ships and personal)
Fittings: Spike Drive -2 
Atmospheric configuration, Fuel Scoops, Boarding Tubes, Survey Scanners, Probe Launchers,
Nanite Manufacturing , A.I Control Systems 

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