Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review and Commentary FREE Mandate Archive: Red Sangha Mercenary Corps From Sine Nomine Publishing For Stars Without Number Rpg And Your Old School Space Opera

Your can get it right
This free Stars Without Number Mandate Archive book is perfect for creating your own  mercenary group or adventuring party with a blend of science fiction and galactic adventure.
Weighing in at seven pages and perfect for those last minute additions to your old school science fiction campaigns this one got a work out last Thursday.
Between the lost Red Sangha ministry and the last of their mysterious techniques books disappearing this book got a work out.
Here's the Drive Thrurpg Description: 
Heirs to a bloody nirvana, the Red Sangha mercenary corps has built a terrible name on their gene-cursed serenity and smiling ruthlessness. This free supplement to the free Stars Without Number sci-fi role playing game details the grim origins of this band of neo-Buddhist mercenaries along with their current resources and procedures. Additional details are provided for Red Sangha PCs, including a new background and training package, and information on the brutal, self-sacrificial Jivakan martial art of Upaya.
One thing I did find was that you will need the Free Martial Arts Mandate Archive.
This book provides even more material for the Martial Arts within the SWN universe.
This really is a book that effects the combat, tone, and outcome of the various alien cultures that the defensive arts touch.

Get it right over

This book in six pages provides not only the various defensive arts but their uses as part of an adventure background and not simply 'another' combat book. This really is one of the essential downloads for SWN along with the Red Sangha Mercenary book.
Again this is one of those downloads your going to need to run the game properly and smoothly if military action is one of the focus of your game.
Here's a brief overview of the Martial Arts PDF:

From the scattered databases of the fallen Terran Mandate comes the second in a sequence of supplementary files for Stars Without Number, the free OSR retro-influenced game of science-fiction adventure. Sample this free file and learn how to add esoteric martial arts styles to your game and equip your PCs with the arts of the open hand.
Contained in this file, you'll find...
  • Rules for adding armed and unarmed martial arts styles to the free Stars Without Number sci-fi role playing game.
  • Guidelines for GMs who want to make blades and fists as viable a combat choice for PCs as combat shotguns and plasma rifles.
  • Ten martial arts of the far future, with their unique maneuvers and particular favored weapons.
  • Advice for creating your own martial art styles and how to make sure they blend well with the rest of your game.
In the final analyses go and grab these books and blend them into your SWN game or your favorite old school space opera. You won't be sorry. 

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