Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Free OSR PDF Dragon Foot Resources Part II ~ A Guide to DragonStone For Your Old School Fantasy Campaign

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Dragon Stone clocks in at sixty nine pages of OSR goodness for AD&D and the various retroclones. This is a free resource and perfect to set those various adventures in without rocking the boat in your own campaigns.
 There a metric ton of NPC's and ideas here from Dragon's foot various free old school pdfs and the whole has a very distinctive flavor to it.
Businesses, organizations, guilds, and a ton of material for the Dragon stone setting is detailed here.
 While very well done this isn't as open a setting as 

Guide To The Realms of Aedenne.
Instead we get a fully fleshed out campaign setting in one shot with lots of open areas for your own adventures to be inserted. The idea here is a details on personalities, place, people, and events with room for the DM to detail their own spin on Dragonstone.
Note that the setting has some very nice maps from 2002 but really the folks over at Dragon's foot could do with a Map pack for this setting. I'm not complaining because this is a free product and up to the standards of Dragon's foot.

Using Dragon Stone For Your Old School

  Weirdly enough this campaign setting came out in 2002 but has a very 'Game of Thrones' vibe going on. The wintry basis of the setting could be used to hide or create a very 'horror under the ice' vibe. Artifacts, relics, and horrors from beyond are perfect to turn this into a science fictional or science fantasy setting.
There certainly enough hooks in the setting to get this into a cross over mode style of the campaign.
Dragon's Stone has the feel of a place where adventurers can hang their hat and then get bogged down into the local affairs, politic, and horrors lurking around the corner.
This campaign could be used with over ninety percent of the retroclone product currently on the market with some heavy modification. Many of the npc classes are detailed in the Manual of Professions also available on Dragon's foot. Some of those don't actually work for PC's but do for NPCs (very similar to the ones from Dragon magazine back in the eighties).
For a crossover game such as Stars Without Number or Xplorers this setting is going to cast the PC's into the deep end of the pool with very detailed NPC descriptions, interactions, and agendas. I'd exercise caution when using some of these NPC's as they can be quite high level and very dangerous.
 Relics Of The Lost is perfect for this style of campaign. The technology is dangerous and just shy of 'Clark's law'.

I digress though a campaign set in Dragon's Stone is going to be a very strong and sorted affair.
All in all Dragon's Stone is a greatly detailed, under appreciated and hardly talked about affair with some great advantages to it. As a free piece its one that deserves more time in the spotlight. 

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