Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Imago Dei Affair Adventure - A Stars Without Number Rpg Actual Play - As Well As A Review of The Free Mandate Archive: The Imago Dei From Sine Nomine Publishing For Your Stars Without Number Campaign Or Retroclone OSR Space Opera

 Get it Right Over

The PC's in tonight's game have run into a very large and dangerous war ship of unknown origin and design. The wreck's A.I. controlled and in a coma. She's heavily armed and very dangerous looking. The party has decided to go in with probes and take a look at her. Several operating  systems are semi conscious but on minimal power.
 Since their last run in with the 
Bruxelles-class battlecruiser HERE.
They've been much more cautious before sending over adventurers to check these wrecks that their finding.
This one has a strange Spike signature about here and doesn't seem entirely within the local space time continuum. Then there are are the fading life signs aboard and power spikes aboard every seventy two hours.
She's a hell of a haul for salvage if they can get her back to a star base and if they make it out alive!

What she actually is.

An another Ghost From A Forgotten Age 

Paladins of the Long Silence

Not every synthetic mind is bent on mankind's destruction. Some have a higher purpose, a nobler war to wage in the darkness between stars. Open this free supplement for the equally free Stars Without Number RPG to learn the truth about the enigmatic Imago Dei and their unending crusade to defend worlds ignorant of their very existence. As humanity is the image of God, so the Imago Dei is the shadow of His red right hand.
Aside from their little-known history, you'll find specifications for their bleeding-edge ship hulls. Included are seven sample Imago Dei warships for your own campaign, whether found as derelict plunder, seized by fanatics, or threatening the PCs' home world with the guns of a heretical Shepherd Fleet!
In seven pages this pdf details a force to be reckoned with. A group of A.I. allies or a menace from an age of hate and rage.  The PDF  does an excellent job of doing a solid overview of the fleets, their origins, conditions, adventure seeds, and possible integration into a Stars Without Number Campaign.
Be warned this is a powerful set of NPC's and artifacts to introduce into a space opera or SWN campaign. These can very easily tip the balance of the game. These craft are world burners and weapons of  incredible power.  Many of these craft will be trapped, wrecked, or infested(hint, hint). They should not be taken lightly.
Download this one and use it sparing or go into this one full guns. Since its free and up to the standards of SWN. I can't recommend it enough. 

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