Friday, November 8, 2013

Two handy Free Resources For AD&D from Dragon's foot - AD&D Revived: Oriental Appendix - House rules and revisions for First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons & Holy Relics For Your AD&D or retroclone campaigns

Tonight I've been poking around and stumbled across this set of AD&D Revived: Oriental Appendix - House rules and revisions
Download this right over
An Oriental Appendix to the AD&D Revived set of house rules. Version 1.0, October 2013.
And this little handy set of rules for rolling up holy items. The fact is there are not as many holy items in retroclones as needed to deal with some of the nasiter magic items that pop up frequently in many of the OSR cmpaigns.
This handy article can help

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Science Fiction action coming up tomorrow! 

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