Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick Review and Commentary On Agents of Shield Episode Six F.Z.Z.T.

 Its 12:30 am  and I've just gotten home from watching Agents of Shield.
The episode really was interesting and had some solid twists. We got more alien tech tie ins and vivid deaths via electro static shock and a solid tie in with the Chitari invasion of New York with Avengers. 

The show had kinda of a comdedic edge until the first of the deaths from the Chitari helmet and the weird alien virus that killed off a bunch of  First Responder ( The echoes of Nine Eleven were a bit eerie ). And we also see another side to Coulson in this one.
We got to see another side of him and I'm not sure if tonight's episode was a red herring or he was brought back after Avengers using some Asgardian gizmo but there were some interesting moments as he realizes that some thing is seriously off. 

Things turn deadly serious when one of the team is exposed to a very deadly alien pathogen. The show headed down some dark turf when one of the resident scientists of the team becomes infected.

 The show had kinda of an Andromeda Strain lite in the last fifteen minutes and could have ended seriously dark.
The show has danced around these two characters and I'm not sure if they were romantically linked or not.
Tonight we do know that feelings run very deep between the two.

Tonight it was all about Fitz and Simmons
.There were lots of implications and hints here tonight.

The Coulson Agenda 

Playing in the background of tonight's episode was Coulson's agenda with Shield. Something is going on here. He and Agent May certainly had a moment where they discuss his death and such. Then there was Shield's agenda with the alien technology and its effects on his team. Coulson genuinely cares about his team and Heaven help anyone who dicks with him or them.
 Are we being set up for a future show down between Coulson and the 'Old Guard' of Shield? I believe its very possible. With next week's episode called Level Seven and directed by Commander Riker himself for a cross over with Thor The Dark World I'll keep watching for now. 

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