Monday, February 15, 2021

Review & Commentary On The Free Zozer Games Camp Cretaceous rpg & Campaign Setting Book By Paul Elliot

Player characters travel back into the Cretaceous period in this supplement for Cepheus Engine. There they carry out perilous missions in their attempts to study dinosaurs in their natural environment. A great game to play alongside young people and children. "

One of the free game setting supplements that I noticed on Zozer Games is Camp Cretaceous  a free setting book & 2d6 Cepheus Engine gaming system motor under the hood. This is a really good setting book for thos kids who are at that age where  dinoaurs are the greatest thing on the planet. Or their 'whatever age' something or better parents or grand parents looking to further their own Jurassic Park experience or prehistoric education. This is a fast play game which can be picked up right away. Everything here is well thoughtout by someone who knows their prehistoric history. For a free game & setting Camp Cretaceous  doesn't skip on the details, eventualities, factions, & of course dinosaurs. All of this comes in at an even one hundred & twenty pages. 
The one thing that stands out is that the author presents is his DMing & dealing with children players. There's extensive advice when it comes to dealing with everything from the table top level up. The 
 Late Cretaceous campaign setting is well done with all of the dinosaurs, history, ecology, etc.. Camp Cretaceous  is  done in such a fashion that it will serve as compelling game for both the seasoned rpger or a beginner. Camp Cretaceous  takes the setting material into the direction of exploration, discovery, & problem solving. The combat system is well done but not necessary for a whole cloth good time of play within  Camp Cretaceous 

Camp Cretaceous  is a perfect add on for an adult DM looking to expand their Cepheus Engine rpg game campaign into 'lost world or time travel campaign themes. There are several reasons why this works one of these the game works to create expediations. So there's a perfect ' in' for DM's looking to exploit a Cretaceous campaign setting.  For example with  Stellagama Publishing's These Stars Are Ours campaign setting. Camp Cretaceous  could be used as a supplement to agument a planet with a biological or ecological laboratory setting for the dinosaurs created by the Reticulans. 

This campaign adventure hook could be used for Zozer Games Hostile rpg with the xenomorphs using the dinosaurs as hosts. Perhaps even a combination of the two campaign ideas with the marines dodging dinosaurs & xenomorphs. 
Let's get back to  Camp Cretaceous . There are several reasons why this game works: 

  1. A lot of care & time went into the writing & creation Camp Cretaceous 
  2.  Camp Cretaceous  was done by a historian & technical writer who knows his subject matter. 
  3.  Camp Cretaceous  is a perfect game for introducing kids to rpging & actual history. 
  4. Great game for those who have the attention span for action but want problem solving within their rpg's.
  5. Dinosaurs! 
  6. Plenty of room for campaign expansion & add on's within  Camp Cretaceous 
  7. Plenty of DM ideas, hooks, & toybox stuff built into  Camp Cretaceous 
  8.  Camp Cretaceous  is a perfect game for an Athur Conan Doyle Lost World game campaign. 
  9. Nice to see a kid friendly game & setting book that's free. Camp Cretaceous  does an excellent job with that. 
  10. Just go download Camp Cretaceous  and have fun! 

Camp Cretaceous  is a five outta five in my book. 

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