Sunday, June 7, 2020

OSR Campaign Commentary on Rafael Chandler's Metallic Tome: A Sourcebook for OSR Games Kickstarter

"Everything that metal bands warned us about in the Eighties has come to pass:
Pollution chokes our seas, nuclear war has destroyed our cities, and worst of all, guitars are illegal. The fanatical evangelists who run our planet created an army of robotic drones who police us with cyber-technology. Conformity is the law! Surveillance satellites monitor our every move. With no one to stop them, corporations have run wild, developing grotesque mutations that walk the streets, preying upon unsuspecting humans.
here is only one thing that can save us: METAL.!"As radioactive pegasi soar through blood-red skies, adventurers seek glory in the Suburban Wastes and the Grim  Northern Forests. Cyborg dragons bellow on top of shopping malls, and the sky is full of laser pentagrams."

So its been a work about weekend but one of the bright spots is the latest kickstarters from Rafael Chandler's Metallic Tome. The OSR setting sister book to his 
Teratic Tome looks awesome as Hell! This is a metal setting book right outta of the gate with Hellfire on!

PC classes like Thrash Dwarves, Black Paladins, Death Rangers, Glam Wizards, and Doom Thieves decorate this setting book like so much fodder for the metal lords  to be had! 
So yeah this is going to be a mixed OSR  setting  with all kinds of mayhem baked into it! Knowing the author as I do I can see him weaving in his usual Easter egg & back door adventure & campaign hooks into this book! So you can damn well expect Narcosa hooks & flesh ripping adventure add on's built into the Metallic Tome!  So this means that basically this metal setting book is gonna plug right into the back end of the plane of drugs & vileness that is Narcosa. 

So basically we're gonna see a whole cloth setting from a death & heavy metal addict with over tones that jar into a full blown metalocalypse.I can see doing full quests for magic items like  the Power Drill of Wounding, the Rock of Aegis, the Brigandine Loincloth, and the Ashtray of Many Things. The Metallic Tome is a straight up gonzo OSR setting with all of the OSR  metal bells & whistles! Needless to say with a bit of PC background this setting book could be used as the plane of metal. One of the ideas that I have is kicking out Roll XX is a system-agnostic book of random tables for fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, and horror role-playing games.Packed with adventure hooks, story seeds, NPCs, magic items, spaceships, demons, and locations, Roll XX features 90 questions and 1800 answers. Then using Roll XX & Roll XX Double Damage to fill in the rest of the world of The Metallic Tome. 

Make no mistake this is gonna be a balls to the wall Gonzo setting book & I can so see using it right from the ground up. And I can even see using 
The Metallic Tome with several other OSR rpg systems & products specifically Venger Satanis's Cha'alt setting especially as the source for the hair band or heavy metal bard PC's that have shown up from time to time in my campaigns
I'd take  The Metallic Tome to the next level & add in 'Metal Gods' into the planes as a sort of bardic patron perhaps. I can also see using The Metallic Tome as part of the campaign background for Patrick Wetmore's the Anomalous Subsurface Environment series of adventures & sources books the Gonzo over the top metal vibe of ASE1 & 2 fit the whole cloth setting vibe of The Metallic Tome perfectly! 

So would I back The Metallic Tome kickstarter?! Hell yes I sure as Hell would & there are several reasons why: 
  1. Rafael Chandler has a proven OSR kickstarter track record & the man doesn't hate my guts! 
  2. Two Chandler's OSR stuff is always oozing quality & is actually useful at the table top level. 
  3. Rafael Chandler's OSR monster books speak for themselves 
  4. I'm going to be incorporating this setting into my games as soon as it hits the stands. I've used mutant cocaine laced post apocalyptic game settings before in my games. 
  5. Can't wait to see where The Metallic Tome  takes its setting too & I will be reviewing it coming up for this blog. 
  6. Rafael Chandler is a proven OSR writer & designer whose works speaks for itself. 

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