Monday, June 1, 2020

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - War 1870 Tegel Manor Session Report #5 - Your Sister Is a Vampire

Let's begin at the beginning of my day with a mail call from Jason Jense from Canada who was kind enough to send me a copy of James Ward's Elemental Spells for Castles & Crusades rpg. The Castles & Crusades fan community is an amazing place on Facebook. This blog wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our patrons. Now the games can really begin! Why?! There are 176 new Cleric spells, 115 Druid Spells, 183 new Wizard Spells and forty-six new Illusionist spells. That’s 520 new spells in all!

This of course is all for my Victorious rpg/Castles & Crusades hybrid campaign which takes place during the Franco Prussian war of 1870. My version of Tegel Manor is making its way to the front of this war. Why or how its being drawn there is unknown but the Franco Prussia War results in World War 1870 as more countries are drawn into the conflict. Things escalate & the French & German steampunk mecha are drawn into the conflict. Adventurers, & costumed agents on both sides of the war are getting drawn in more & more to the action. 

My version of Tegel Manor is plane  hopping across alternative 1870's Earths as I write this with various results. This also means that Tegel is going brush up against James Ward's Tainted Lands. This is going to have some very nasty fall out for the PC's. The monsters of the Tainted Lands are well known to several of my players. The encounters haven't been pretty to say the least & resulted in a TPK  last time. There might be a permanent portal into the Tainted Lands in the dungeons below Tegel Manor. The party hasn't gotten to the manor.. yet.Between The Tainted Lands & James & Jody Mishler's Ghosts The Incorporeal Undead  the undead have been very busy. The Rumps haven't sat on the side lines either. They've been feeding the both the French & the  Germans all kinds of information on alternative Earths. 
The German army's 'Abteilung für Sonderprojekte' has already gated into several Earths with special operatives. These areas include several post apocalyptic 1950's Earth location adventure encounters  that I've done on the past for this blog for Chris Van Deleen's Mutant Future   StickiesHybridsDragoons, and the Guardians write ups.  These areas are tightly controlled Anunnaki back drop communities & vault locations for future wars on alternative Earths.  
Now this brings War 1870 Earth to the attention of the Anunnaki who have always been in direct conflict with the powers of Venger Satanis's Cha'alt.  So its time to get out the twins again! 

Right at the moment the occult ministers of the  French forces of Napoleon III (Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte; 20 April 1808 – 9 January 1873), the nephew of Napoleon I and cousin of Napoleon II, are negotiating for the supernatural bomb technologies of Venger Satanis's Liberation of the Demon Slayer.

Yes heroes are already en route to stop this horrid trade deal gone wrong. This alternative Earth version of Napoleon III is very dangerous, mad, & utterly on the course of his world's ruin. There are several vampire queens who are growing very concerned with the fate of their world. In the background Russia's vampire queen herself has stepped unto the world stage with several of her agents. Recently my wife acquired me Precis Intermedia's Palace of the Vampire Queen. 

If you've been reading this blog then know that the Vampire queens play a very large part of the 1870's campaign. Their extremely dangerous & their are a number of them manipulating the strings in Russia & Eastern Europe via Castles & Crusades's The Codex Slavorum as well as the Tainted Lands. 

So all of this is going on right now! And there's more happening in the world of 1870. But that's gonna do it for this side session report! 

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