Monday, June 8, 2020

Black & Blue in Arizona - Godbound/Cha'alt Pick Up Game Session Report Zero

'Ancient enemies ask for help as one of their holdings is attacked & ransacked by alien unknown forces! The PC's must struggle to unravel the mystery of this horror!'

Dark Elf Queen on Throne by Reaper available here.
The Midnight elf queen whose holdings are in trouble.
Why isn't she taking care of this herself is unknown.

So due to the pandemic we've been on hiatus from our Cha'alt/Godbound rpg campaign sessions for months now. Needless to say that myself & my friends haven't been amused at all. So a bit of background on this game campaign. There are any number of spider goddess related legends in the mythologies & religions of the American Indianian nations. These midnight elves armies have absolutely nothing to do with those! In fact these are an invasive demonic species of humanoids! They've secured Flagstaff Arizona for a few months now but something worse has taken over.
 Now to really flesh out the feel of the Midnight Elves from Cha'alt I've gone back into my campaign notes & faded back into Adventurer,Conqueror,King's Lairs & Encounters book.  So I'm designing them with ACK's in mind.

These Midnight Elves of Cha'alt are not the usual Drow of Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition but instead a fade back to their Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual II origins. These are unpredictable & evil demonic creatures of legend. Are the Midnight Elves Drow?! Not really these are dark elves that worship Atlach-Nacha in my games. 

Drider by MatesLaurentiu on DeviantArt is pretty much in keeping with my idea of
the Midnight Elves of my campaign. 

The PC's at the moment are working with & for the dragon king whose lair is within the Grand Canyon. There's a certain decorum between the party & their employer. Several things have cropped up that are troubling the party of Godbound. But what does this have to do with the Cha'alt wave that recently over taken the Earth some months back.. There are lots of questions in this campaign & its going to require lots of exploration.
So why I'm I using Adventurer, Conqueror,King rpg as my basis & not Castles & Crusades?! These are two very different game systems in a sense. Castles & Crusades is the better choice because of its placement on domain style games. This is a game campaign of vast  swaths of a modernish alternative Earth that's been traded back & forth between godlike & highly evil powers.

At this point I'm considering an all out war between the traditional Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Drow & the Midnight Elves of Cha'alt. This is going to depend upon where & what the PC's do from here!
Time to bust out the Q1 Queen of the Spiders Super Module & go from there but I've got plans within plans from here.

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