Wednesday, June 10, 2020

1d20 Random 'What's in The Adventurer's Sack' Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Often times adventurers have to leave the dungeon or ruins in a hurry. They leave behind loot, equipment, & other valuables. Those coming into the dungeon will often find the portables left in the wake of those who came before them. But not every sack has good things in it!

Left unattended for more then 80 rounds or so there is a 40% chance that dungeon  vermin such as rot grubs, green slime or worse will be around to investigate & perhaps infect the contents of an adventurer's container.
Larger monsters or humanoids will investigate sacks left around the dungeon & perhaps even leave them out as lures for other humanoids.

1d20 Random 'What's in The Adventurer's  Sack' Table
  1. An animated zombie ogre head with two diamonds for eyes. The thing gnashes its teeth together & will bite for 1d6 points of damage. But the eyes & earings are worth 100 gold pieces each. The thing has a flesh melting purple  gaze attack for 1d4 points on each eye that can move independently. 
  2. Sack filled with 30 copper pieces that will increase in weight as the copper pieces multiple  by 1d20 every seven rounds.
  3. A gold crown inset with twelve rubies worth 50 gold pieces because of the damage that its sustained. 
  4. The right hand of a hanged man that's been made into a hand of glory. Using this item is considered chaos magic. 
  5. Six hundred gold pieces with the names of sixty four angels stamped on them. They also bare a wizard's mark that can be traced over a hundred miles by a wizard with the appropriate spells. Their occult use is unknown. 
  6. A gold plate head of a kobold sealed with alchemy wax. The eyes of the thing still move & will follow the person holding it. Worth 60 gold pieces to a wizard. 
  7. A portable alchemist's lab in a wooden case but the case is half burnt up & the acids are missing. The alchemy books are intact making this a 20 gold piece item to the right buyer. 
  8. Three sacks full of very angry & aggressive gold bugs.
  9. A beating orc heart & a necromancer's scroll detailing how to summon the ghost of the thing. 'It knows where the treasure is', according to a note on the scroll. 
  10. The gold plated teeth of some noble worth 20 gold pieces. There is 30% chance they will animate & bite for 1d4 points of damage. 
  11. A solid iron dagger splashed with fairy & Elven blood that smells of urine & lilacs. 
  12. A strange bejeweled puzzle box that is worth 200 gold pieces to a wizard. There is an air of menace around it. 
  13. A solid gold ball worth 300 gold pieces to an alchemist 
  14. The head of a poet & a magic scroll containing three spells from the empire of the Necromancers. Worth together 100 gold pieces to a collector. 
  15. A small jeweled casket containing a weird jeweled amulet. There is demonic writing and symbols. The thing is worth 100 gold pieces as it stands with some occult research the true nature of this piece will make it very dire & dangerous to the owner. 
  16. Seven jeweled kobold eyes made from the reddest of rubies. The eyes will give the owner dark vision when held. They are worth 30 gold pieces per pair. The extra one gives the owner the ability to speak kobold when held. 
  17.  A pair of golden candle sticks that have forty two alchemy symbols carved into them. These can be lit to perform certain ritual & rites & so are worth 50 gold pieces each. But a demon & his henchmen are after them & so they will begin following the party who carries these. 
  18. A pair of Chinese vases worth 1000 gold pieces but their very fragile. The sack is a sack of protection & they won't break whist in the sack but don't tell that too the players.
  19. The carved jade head of a Deep One statue worth 100 gold pieces & there's also a treasure map to an underwater treasure in the thing's mouth. 
  20. A green glowing jeweled orb that radiates evil magic. It will come to life if someone utters the words 'Heavy Metal' carved on the fabric lined wooden case it sits in. The thing is priceless for some reason & cults of evil will kill for it.

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