Friday, June 19, 2020

Specter of the Knife - - The War 1870 Tegel Manor Session Report #6 Now With More Zarak!

In tonight's Tegel Manor game it was full on Castles & Crusades rpg/Victorious rpg action! The manor crossed into 1870's New York City! The party had to deal with fulfilling a contract for Amazon Mutual after the poisoned knives of Zarak the half orc assassin took out the nobles who was key in this alternative Earth's  Franco/Prussian war.
The party had to recover the body of European kingdom of Lutha minor noble for resurrection. The noble's body had an alchemist poison that was narcotizing the flesh of the corpse that could prevent the resurrection of the body. Party had to deal with the hostility & murderous handy work of Zarak. The party's bard has had experience with the assassin's knives & murder's before! 

New York is the center of the campaign & goes back over four years when the assassins had their way with one of the royal targets. New York City 1870 has been the target for several different groups because of its proximity to occult activities & supernatural ley line gates.


This goes back to the fact that my version of Mystara & Greyhawk crossover to other places allowing NPC's causing mayhem free reign! Zarak may not be the only assassin operating within the city?

Even for an alternative Earth Steampunk this campaign has had a ton of Dungeons & Dragons inspirations. This seems to have the 'AC1  The Shady Dragon Inn' by Carl Sargent influence pouring through it. 

What does this have this have to U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh by Dave J.Browne With Don Turnbull . The alchemist isn't a Scooby Doo mystery villain instead he was a villainous lich straight outta of Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's first edition's Appendix N Pulp origin. 

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