Sunday, June 14, 2020

Iron Clads & Para Elemental Mages - The War 1870 Tegel Manor Session Report #5

Friday night's Victorious rpg/Castles & Crusades hybrid  game session went into the wee hours & lots got done in Tegel Manor environs. The player's seem almost a bit scared to take on the manor's mysteries. So it a case of dealing with the surrounding villages & whatnot around the manor. Their also dealing with the Germans who gated in six new ships near the manor.
File:Federal Ironclad GALENA 1862.png

The real action started when the party started to investigate some of the islands at the edge of the manor & the plane of water. They ran into a para elemental magus of some stature who temporarily created a cause way & island. Waiting for them were alien Lava Children whom I had waiting just in case the players wanted to cause trouble. No such luck though.

Russ Nicholson Lava Child Fiend Folio AD&D first edition. 

The party was there to get a wand of fire balls recharged by the paraelemental mage (who may or may not be a god). The German ships not too far off now but seem to be keeping their distance at the moment. Meanwhile a blerg of lava mephits had taken a notice of the party they were a by product of the elemental forces employed by the magus. And they started to mess with the heroes!

AD&D Fiend Folio Lava Mephit artwork AD&D first edition.

The party had a Hell of a time with the lava mephits while one of the players spoke with the magus. It was a sort of two way rope a dope with the player's having to chew gum & walk at the same time! The party spent a good portion of the evening trying to keep  
the lava mephits from destroying them. Fun times! The party was after the gems & diamonds created by the elemental forces of the magus! 
The night went very well but there was the fact of the mysterious victim that the party had appear at the temple of Thor earlier in the evening. A strange wound unlike anything a vampire would make & the victim apparently had a parasite of some type under his skin. The party's bard/healer did what he could before the head priest(cleric) of Thor appear to take care of the man but is it already too late!? All of the monsters in Friday's game were from Castles & Crusades Classic Monsters book.

All in all everyone had a ton of fun & I played the paraelemental NPC magus as very friendly but very weird & alien. Someone whose been on the elemental & para elemental planes for way too long. I took a lot of his knowledge for this character from the wizards from the Lion & Dragon game.
Lion & Dragon: Medieval Authentic OSR Roleplaying: RPGPundit ...

So yes he's willing to help the PC's but there's a lot more going on here then meets the eye. Some of this material for this PC I'm going to be spinning from RPGPundit Presents: The Old School Companion 1 From  Spectre Press. But its finding the time to get all of this done & written up

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