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Apologist For 'The Dungeon Master' - Robert E. Howard's Conan Mythology & The Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon

The Dungeon Master from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon has always been an old favorite of mine as a dungeon master of the 'grand game'. But there's always been lots of aspects of the little robed demi god that have bothered  me.

"Dungeon Master: Listen to me Ranger. Do not let your anger control you. [The kids close in] The course you are taking.... can only.... lead.... to.... ruin? [Defeated] So then, it has come to this: Tiamat lives where the dragons go to die. The place that is the source of your weapons: the Dragon's Graveyard. As for to use her to overcome Venger-
Hank: No riddles! Tell us straight.
Dungeon MasterAsk her! She may help you. But then.... she MAY NOT. May I go now?
Hank: Wait do we find the way to the Dragons graveyard?
Dungeon Master: You carry the way with you ranger"
The Dragon's Graveyard.
The figure of the 'Dungeon Master' while all knowing seemed down right tortured by his predicament. Yet he was more then capable of being savage when sending his young champions into every happenstance & danger in 'The Realms'. The 'kids', Robert E.Howard's Conan, & even Michael Moorcock's Elric always seemed to be tied to the whims of the gods & the destiny of greater events that happened around them as well as too them. Was there or is there a common thread?! 

The complete unedited works of Robert E. Howard's one ...

Last night was one of those times when I busted out my copy of Ward & Kuntz's Gods, Demigods, & Heroes for original Dungeons & Dragons.. There are reasons for this along with the Complete Chronicles of Conan by Robert E. Howard. 

All of this has to do with a certain little red robed demi god from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. We know several facts about the character he's powerful, known throughout the realm by reputation, & is a force for good. But what pantheon does 'the dungeon master' belong to?! I think he belongs to a long forgotten pantheon in point of fact.

"For there are worlds beyond worlds, as Kull knows, and whether the wizard bewitched him by words or by mesmerism, vistas did open to the king’s gaze beyond that strange door, and Kull is less sure of reality since he gazed into the mirrors of Tuzun Thune."
Robert E. Howard - The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune 

The dungeon master along with other members of his family fled to the 'Realm' after something nasty happened on Earth thousands of years ago but their first stop was Greyhawk.  The family didn't stay because the events of 'The Reign of Colourless Fire'..

Dungeons & Dragons #5: In Search of the Dungeon Master: raoulraoul ...

They battled the cults of the 'Nameless One' & the cult of Tiamat across the face of the 'Realm'. But still they continued to act through intermediaries such as 'Pureheart the paladin'. Much later on would be the 'children' after the banishment of the 'Nameless One' & the corruption of Venger.

Could 'Dungeon Master' be another Elder God ala Mitra from the Conan mythology of Robert E.Howard?! Hear me out first.
""Over ten thousand years ago, when the minions of Set and Apophis threatened to burst forth upon the world, [Mitra] chose as the world's defender a king who was born a barbarian -- and the king was victorious, aided by the sign of the Phoenix which Epimetreus caused to be inscribed upon his sword blade." -- Richard L. Tierney: "The Soul of Kephri""

One of Mitra's most potent aspects is 'The Defender' where he acts with & through a champion or set of champions often sending dreams & riddles to his chosen;"
One of Mitra’s most potent aspects is as the Defender, protecting Hyborians from evil sorcery, most specifically from his ancient enemy, the serpent-god Set."
Sounds very similar to the situation the kids found themselves in with 'The Nameless One'..


Mitra's M.O. sounds very similar to a pint sized little demigod of the Realm with lots of familial issues. Remember the 'kids' are there to act as the 'Dungeon Master''s champions & remind Venger of his lost humanity all of the while defending the trouble spots of the 'Realm'.

The kids themselves might very well be smaller status champions of the 'Realm' other indeed smaller aspects of the Eternal Champion . Do the kids ever get home?! I honestly don't think they can or will even with the events of the Requim reading of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. The mini plane of 'The Realms' is far from settled. 

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