Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Misbehaving Immortals - Dark Dungeons, Cha'alt, Godbound, & The Gathering Storm of Chaos

Everything changes & nothing changes when you turn fifty. For some its a milestone but for me it was a Tuesday. And it highlights something that I've been feeling for a while. The act of cannibalizing my campaigns into a coherent whole cloth. This means returning to Bucky The Black Ball's Dark Dungeons 
This is because of the immortals of Dark Dungeons which I have a very storied history. My immortals don't behave. 

This isn't because of Frank Mentzer's Immortal rules box set. Oh no not at all. Instead its my own round robin DMing that's sort of hamstrung me in. I created my own immortals from the ground up and its been interesting because they've caused me no end of grief in the past! NPC immortals would show up unexpectedly in campaigns cause mayhem & then vanish into the planar ether! 

So I've had to get things under control & wrangle these wayward NPC immortals in! That's right as the dungeon master one of my older players had a word with me about them. If your doing a Cha'alt/Godbound game in two or three weeks you've got plenty of time to get my PC's into the campaign stew. This is especially true with Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise  hitting the shelves in July! Several of the adventure seeds that I've been brewing in the background will come to fruit then.

There's basically a pantheon of immortals who want to make the lives of our godbound heroes a real & very practical living Hell. A few of them are at the moment hanging out at the Gamma Incel Cantina. They've got a nice comfortable prison plane picked out for the PC's when they catch up with them. My immortals have far more in common with Michael Moorcock's Lords of Chaos then they do their Mystara counterparts.

If anything my campaigns might be considered the anti Mystara. Everything is subject to change as the immortals go about playing with mortals lives. These are the opposite of Mystara's hands off immortals. The planes owe them a living & their going to take full advantage of it. So we begin to stir the pot a bit. 

Rodney Mathews version of Airoch is my definitive version of this chaos lord. 

But as events begin to boil the Earth is in the stew again. I'm not using Michael Moorcock's Lords of Chaos at all but they are providing the blue print for my own immortals. Then there's the gods who have been keeping an eye on events but nothing lasts forever & that's where things get very much on fire in the campaign.  But is it Dungeons & Dragons?! The immortals rules & Frank Mentzer's Immortal rules box set should be considered a whole cloth rules set within itself. Frank took it his immortals into a whole other direction. The powers that these immortals can bring to bare on PC's is nasty & could end a campaign before it begins. This isn't a criticism but a fact. 

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