Sunday, June 28, 2020

My Thoughts & Recollections on the Passing of Iconic Jim Holloway D&D, AD&D, Rpg & Fantasy Artist

Tonight it feels like the whole OSR & D&D fandom is hurting. Jim Holloway passed away tonight. He was one of the most iconic Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition, & even present OSR fantasy artists. More over Jim Holloway was a genuinely nice guy from my interactions & meetings with him over the years at Gencon in the Nineties.

Jim Holloway | Land of Nod

My first modern interaction with Jim Holloway came from his illustration & artwork on Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg in 2008. I emailed Jim some questions & bang he emailed back & we talked a bit. In all of my conversations Jim was a class act. It sums up what I think of the man & the artist. 
Jim Holloway | Geekberry

Jim Holloway is one of those pivot Dungeons & Dragons artists in my mind. An artist whose artwork helps to define a moment of time & shift in the 'grand game' of Gary Gygax & David Arneson. I can't begin to try & hammer out my feelings about this man's passing. 
Art Preview: Jim Holloway - Goodman Games

I'm sad that he's gone, disgusted with myself that going back I didn't make more of an effort to get to know Jim, & awed at the body of artwork that he leaves to us in his wake as well as his life's work. But most of all I think of the Holloway family going through this awful time. My respects & condolences on Jim's passing to the Holloway family. 
Dungeon Crawl Classics

Thank you Jim Holloway for sharing your talent, artwork, dreams,  everything that you brought to all of our table tops & wonders of the imagination. Thanks for the artwork of  the first run of the Paranoia rpg and especially the covers to Avalon Hill's Tales of the Floating Vagabond an old favorite of mine. 

Reality Cheque - Tales From The Floating Vagabond Classics

Jim Holloway will live on through our collective dreams, memories, across the table tops of the world every time an old school or current player gets together with his or her friends to chuck some dice. Those dice will roll across a piece of Holloway artwork or some ancient Dragon magazine article. Suddenly the name Jim Holloway will drop into the purview of the nostalgia of a gamer across the world. I do not say this lightly my condolences, respects, & prayers are with the Holloway family this evening. RIP Jim Holloway artist of the old school, the OSR, and our friend. 

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