Sunday, June 21, 2020

Purple Blackness & Ancient Swords in The Back Alleys - War 1870 - Campaign Background Session Report

"Another item connected with the legend of the lich Vecna is the Sword of Kas, his onetime bodyguard. This sword is said to have a thin grey blade of some metallic substance. It's powers are only dimly hinted at by legend, but Kas was said to have been the mightiest swordsman of his age."

Today I broke out my copy of Eldritch Wizardry & I began to reread the artifact section on the Sword of Kas. The sword has been travelling  across my game campaign settings for ages now leaving a trail of murder & mayhem in its wake. I'm not even kidding this goes back to my Godbound/Cha'alt campaign in October of last year.  The sword found a new host body & its been cutting a bloody swath across the prime material planes for months now.
The sword has been looking for something & now tonight its made its way to my 1870's War campaign in New York City. This is a part of my diabolical plan to uncloak one of my main big nasties in my Castles & Crusades/ Victorious rpg  hybrid campaign.

All across New York City there have been undead sightings, ghostly activities, & undead incursions.Slayers & heroes are getting a work out from this past weekend's game. The Earth is on edge & not because of the appearance of Tegel Manor.. The manor has been drawn here by something big & very nasty. The PC's have a contract to retrieve the body of a nobleman in this  for a resurrection at the temple of Thor. They've been hearing rumors of several cults worshiping dark occult forces on the water front.

The cult of the Ever Expanding Eye & The Hand of Ultimate Salvation have both been hitting the air waves & bill boards of this alternative Steampunk Earth. Day & night the commercials have been really hammering home the creepy message of these new & exciting street religions.
There have been signs of Greyhawk's portals merging with the city here & there across the city. The unmistakable air of something nasty, dangerous, & truly dire coming to the city that never sleeps.

Yet what is happening in Yemen, California, Cario, & across the Earth?! There are whispers of a black pyramid, strange men appearing in the underworld, murders,  dangerous technologies, dark sorceries, and worse in these corners of the globe! The alien men & women from Elsyuim are making their way into the thieves guilds of the underworld of New York. And what is strange new drug 
 xanthium-183 that many of the wizards,psychics, & occultists of New York are buzzing about!? 

On three fronts dark forces are tracking our PC's! The snares have been laid out & now the simply wait for our PC's to blunder in.. 

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