Friday, June 12, 2020

1d10 Random Quick Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are times when you need to get your PC's into the deep end of the post apocalyptic wasteland or a place to hang your adventure hooks. This set of adventure locations is found in the deeper parts of the wastelands and will enable a DM to pull these as a series of mid level encounter locations.

1d10 Random Quick Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table
  1. A reputedly haunted house that was used by the ancients as part of their war effort, legend has it that a fabulous treasure & artifacts are hidden within its walls. This ancient place of horror and weirdness still stands within the woodlands in the mountains. Bandits, mutants, and worse have used the place in the past. 
  2. This ancient bunker is the resting place of an ancient king and his body guards, the place supposedly holds his entire collection of artifacts and relics from the pre apocalyptic world. A wizard was recently killed trying to breach its secrets. Do we dare try to divine its search for within is a king's ransom of relics and who knows what secrets. 
  3. An ancient gas station just appeared out in the wastes. It has power, light, and everything that a community would need for years to come! Why hasn't this place been seen before? It is supposedly haunted and there are rumors about tunnels nearby that hold relics from the Other world. 
  4. There is an ancient underground garage nearby that holds a ransom in relic vehicles. A gang of mutant warriors looted the upper floors and has been using them to raid nearby villages. But the rumors say that the lower levels are untouched! Who knows there might even be a legendary Mercedes there! 
  5. There is an ancient water purifying plant nearby. A gang of mutants has no idea of the super science treasure sitting under their noses.The equipment there  can keep a community in clean water for years to come. A real haul according to a guy I talked with in a pub. 
  6. There was an underground National Guard depot I heard about as a kid, the place's top floors had been looted but there were lower levels that were untouched. It is said to be guarded by the eternal spirits of the Guards but that might just be hogwash. 
  7. There are a few skeletons of sky towers nearby and I there have been seen 'metal birds' flying around the place. They are worth a fortune to the right collector and who knows what other treasures may lay within the place. 
  8. There is a nearby 'Strip Mall' that was buried in the apocalypse. A gang of mutants uses the first level as a base but there are other levels and who knows what. 
  9. You know that temple that we heard about as a kid, well its no temple. Its actually an ancient military base and its still active! There have been rumors of metal soldiers seen coming from within it. I think there might be lots of hard ware there from the way the elders have been talking and its been sealed since the 'End Times'. 
  10. There have been rumors to be an ancient 'well' to the Other World nearby stocked with hundreds of ancient artifacts but it is guarded by hundreds of 'metal ones' those things must be worth a small fortune alone. 

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